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Russian Gastro Week ends its cycle of events in Japan

8 December 2017

On 6 December 2017 the Russian Export Center (REC) has held this year's last event from the Russian Gastro Week cycle. The tasting session was held in the capital of Japan.

The Russian Gastro Week in Tokyo has been attended by 25 Russian food suppliers and more than 120 representatives of Japanese companies. They presented meat and confectionery products, table waters, alcoholic beverages, pasta, and much more.

Such companies as Cherkizovo, Soyuzpishcheprom, Baikalsea Company, Ayu Group, Znamensky Selection and Genetic Center, Belevskaya Confectionery Company, Kolomenskoe Bakery and Confectionary Complex, From Wild, Balaklava Wine house, self-employed entrepreneurs Amirkhanov, Shapilov and others were among the event's participants.

"Russia feels pretty at home with the Asia-Pacific region, and apart from China, we are certainly considering other countries with rich markets and high consumption rates. The next year is declared the year of Russia and Japan, and we are trying to use this opportunity to draw attention to Russia-made products."

Mikhail Mamonov
Managing Director for International Trade Promotion at REC Group

He stressed that Russian products have aroused great interest in Japan. Based on the results of "Russian Gastro Week" in Tokyo we are witnessing a high potential of such Russian products as confectionery, wine and table water in the Japanese market.

For information:

The unique "Russian Gastro Week" on-site events include presentations by Russian companies - food producers, b2b-exchange of contacts and tasting sessions. In the past, REC has already organized tasting sessions in several cities in China, Vietnam, India, Iran and the UAE. These events resulted in the signing of framework agreements on supplies of Russian products worth more than $ 100 million. First deliveries were made in March this year.

The following companies participated previously in the REC's on-site activities: Cherkizovo Group, Mikoyan, Biofoodlab, Russian Caviar House, United Confectioners, KDV Group, Lina, Aqualife, "Agrosoyuz", "Il Mio morozhenko", "Igristye vina", "Confael", "Narzan", "PIKKI & KLIN Snacks" and other manufacturers of confectionery, groceries, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, meats, ice cream and so on.

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