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Petr Fradkov makes working visits to Latin America and the USA

27 October 2017

On October 22-27, 2017, Petr Fradkov, the REC CEO, made working visits to Mexico, Paraguay, Columbia and the USA. During the visit to Mexico Petr Fradkov engaged in talks with representatives of Russian government and business communities, as well as delivered a statement at a plenary session of the Russia-Mexico Trade and Industry Dialogue forum.

In his speech, Petr Fradkov pointed out existing opportunities to diversify the export of Russian goods to Mexico, primarily by supplying more aircraft (newest versions of airplanes and helicopters), oil and gas equipment, energy industry equipment, including microgeneration equipment, radio and electronic equipment, radio navigational aids, as well as the latest types of locomotives and carriages manufactured from innovative materials.

"Russia exports to Mexico chemical industry products, cars, paper and cardboard. And the REC is actively involved in this cooperation. We have also started exporting cash registers, fans, etc. We are working out the details of the Sukhoi SuperJet 100 deal, planning to sell 30 aircraft to Mexico. EXIAR, which is a division in the REC, is also involved in this. We have already delivered 20 aircraft. The REC is prepared to provide wider support through its financial and other services, including the ones that are aimed at implementing international structural initiatives for Russian and Mexican manufacturers. We offer useful tools to our international partners, such as lines of credit for buyers of Russian products and banks. We also assist our foreign customers in finding Russian manufacturers."

Petr Fradkov
CEO of the Russian Export Center

After the plenary session the participants gathered for a business meeting (“Russia Hour: Russian Helicopters for Latin America. Market Realities and Growth Potential”). Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters, and Petr Fradkov opened the session, during which a new Ansat helicopter was presented. This multi-purpose chopper can be used by medical professionals, in search and rescue missions, police raids, and other emergencies. Additionally, head of the REC Group took part in the Mexico Business Summit in San Luis Potosi where he had working meetings with Secretary of Economics Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal and Chairman of the Management Board of the Interjet company Miguel Alemán Velasco.Representatives of the two countries discussed bilateral cooperation prospects focusing on aviation industry.

On October 24, head of the REC Group visited the capital city of Paraguay where he delivered a speech at the plenary session of the forum titled Trade and Industry Dialogue between Russia and Paraguay. Promotion to the Mercosur Markets. Petr Fradkov spoke of UAZ and its achievements in Paraguay: the first batch of UAZ vehicles has been by now almost completely sold out. Russian machine builders are very much interested in exporting equipment to Paraguay’s agricultural market while Paraguay also shows interest in purchasing river vessels and road construction machines, parts and materials. Russia exports to Paraguay not only fertilizers and heavy-industry products but also software and IT solutions: thus, Russia’s SearchInform company, that recently opened an office in Paraguay with the help of the REC Group, is now tutoring local integration specialists who will be promoting the company’s information security solution in Paraguay.

"In the first seven months of 2017, Russia’s non-resource-based exports to Paraguay amounted to $15.6 million signifying a 12.4 percent year-on-year increase. Russia’s exports are getting more diverse, facilitated, among others, by the REC Group."

Petr Fradkov
CEO of the Russian Export Center

As part of the business mission to Paraguay the REC and the Paraguayan Ministry of Industry and Commerce signed a cooperation agreement. The document was signed by the Head of the REC Group Petr Fradkov and Deputy Minister of Commerce of the Republic of Paraguay Oskar Stark Robledo. The agreement provides for holding regular personal meetings, as well as industry-oriented conferences. Such work will create favourable conditions for Russian exporters and investors in Paraguay.

On October 25, over 30 Russian companies, representing various industry sectors, came to Columbia to participate in a business session mission, among them were Russian Helicopters, United Aircraft Corporation, UAZ, GAZ Group, United Shipbuilding Corporation, RM Rail, Rosneft, LUKOIL, Power Machines, United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation (UIMC), TurboTechCom, BIOCAD, St. Petersburg Research Institute of Vaccines and Serums Uralkali, Russian Information Technology Export (RITE), MAYAK Research and Production Company, Positive Technologies, etc.

The same day Petr Fradkov met with the Columbian Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Maria Lorena Gutierrez to discuss prospects for deeper investment cooperation in non-energy hi-tech sectors.

The REC presentation was focused on providing financial support and preferential line of credit rates to the Columbian buyers of Russian products. Over 450 exhibitors from Russia, Mexico, Columbia and Paraguay participated in the business mission events. Over 150 B2B meetings between Russian and Latin American companies took place after plenary sessions.

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