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The 9th International Festival «Gastronomic» seasons ended in Monaco

24 October 2018

On October 18-20, 2018, the Ninth Gastronomic Seasons international festival was held in Monaco. The event was organized with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia and the Russian Export Center assisting Russian manufacturers in entering international markets.

On October 18, on the occasion of the festival opening, a Gala dinner with chefs from France, Russia, Spain, Monaco and Thailand was held. On the same day, the opening of the tasting program took place. In the framework of the Made in Russia program, Russian manufacturers presented Russian wines Phanagoria and Burnier, as well as Siberian tea Baikalia, Krasnodar Matzesta, St. Petersburg chocolate «Schastiye» (Happiness), Astrakhan Caviar «Wild Sturgeon», to name just a few.

A novelty of the Gastronomic Seasons of 2018 was the Pop Up restaurant in the historic Port Hercules. «The Journey of Tastes» was the theme; chefs from Spain, Monaco, Thailand, Russia and France took part in the Gastronomic Seasons. The festival site, a team of chefs from different countries and the concept itself helped to attract the international audience.

The festival has once again proved its status as the largest gastronomic event of the year on the Cote d'Azur, where the best chefs from different countries gathered together to talk about culture of their countries through gastronomy and to reveal their culinary secrets to the public.

The Pop Up restaurant in the center of Monaco, which was opened for 3 days, presented the author's dishes of 13 chefs, the menu changed for lunch and dinner. Gastronomic cuisine from the chefs, holders of Michelin stars, became available for this period to all Principality residents.

The dinner was attended by Prime Minister of Monaco Serge Telle, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in Monaco Ekaterina Semenikhina, Ambassador of Italy in Monaco Christiano Gallo, Ambassador of Monaco in the Russian Federation Mireille Pettiti and other representatives of the state and business.

The Prime Minister highly appreciated the quality of the presented products and stressed the importance and necessity of this event development at the international level.

During the three days of the Gastronomic Seasons festival, Pop Up Restaurant at the Monark Location in Port Hercules in Monaco was visited by more than a thousand guests.

As noted by the founder of the festival Natalia Marzoeva, «the Festival is a continuation of the traditions of gastronomic battles that existed in Russia and France at the end of the 19th century. Gastronomic Seasons revived this tradition in 2010, which became the cross-year of culture of Russia and France. The aim of the festival is to present the country through its gastronomic culture and different tastes of the country's regions».

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