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The Babayevsky Confectionery Concern now achieves the Russian Exporter status

24 May 2018

The Babayevsky Confectionery Concern, a UNICONF Holding company, has passed the first stage of the “Made in Russia” program and now has the “Russian Exporter” status. After completing the second stage, Babayevsky intends to place the “Made in Russia” label on their famous confectioneries, exported to numerous countries around the globe.

The Holding, which unites 19 confectioneries, develops their export function proactively, supplying their products in 45 countries of the world. Samoylova Confectionery (Saint Petersburg) has already been granted certification by the Russian Export Center (REC). Now another three companies – the legendary Moscow manufacturers, are joining the “Made in Russia” program. Those are Krasny Ortyabr and Rot Front, as well as TAKF Confectionery Firm (Tambov).

After completing the certification, the Babayevsky Concern intends to place the “Made in Russia” symbol on their famous confectioneries, exported to numerous countries around the globe.

The “Made in Russia” project is developing robustly, and our exporters take a keen interest in it: each day we are receiving about 10 applications for expert evaluation. We are happy that the UNICONF Holding is now joining the program as well. Confectionery products are among the most promising categories of goods for the Russian export, the shipped amounts are growing steadily. The right to use the “Made in Russia” label is but a small part of the program. The main advantages that are reserved for the program participants are comprehensive PR and marketing support to boost awareness of our products abroad. The “Made in Russiа” program unites the best Russian exporters and strengthens trust for Russian goods.

Vera Podguzova
The Managing Director of the REC Outreach and Communications Group

We welcome the state policy to support responsible exporters, implemented by the REC. At the moment that support is especially important for the UNICONF Holding, because we are now actively developing our Chinese export vector. China is a huge and a very particular market, which is extremely enthusiastic toward our products. We are grateful to the REC for the focused support we are receiving in this complex endeavor.

Olga Onuchina
Head of the UNICONF Public Relationships Department
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