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About 450 product items got the "Made in Russia" labeling

23 April 2018

To date, over 98 certificates have been issued to assess the experience and reputation of manufacturers, as well as over 200 certificates for exported goods, and there also 46 applications being processed. Every week, about 5 new applications are submitted. This year REC aims to engage at least 80 companies and 1,000 product items.

The products having passed the certification with the "Made in Russia" labeling are exported to 20 countries of the world, such as Israel, Canada, China, the United States, South Korea, Japan, Switzerland, India, etc. The prjpgram has engaged representatives of various industries - defense, chemical, metal processing, timber industry, consumer goods, civil engineering, construction materials, medical industry. The wide range of items the REC works with includes such products as: confectionery and pasta, crackers and ice cream, wine drinks, medical equipment, hearing aids, clothing and much more.

Russian Export Center successfully introduced a system of "Made in Russia" labeling in 2007. The program is supported by the Government of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation. About 450 product items have been certified and received the labeling

Vera Podguzova
Managing Director for External Relations and Communications

Catalogue of products that have been certified is available at: www.madeinrussia.com. It includes companies from 22 regions across Russia - from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok.

Last week Stavropolsky Dairy Plant, JSC made its first for this year delivery of dairy products - ice-cream and curd snacks, to Israel in a package labeled with the “Made in Russia” logo. Due to the crisis of 2014, sales of our products was halted and Israeli partners started cooperation with dairy enterprises of Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. And now, four years later, the Israeli company opted for Russian goods, which have a major advantage compared with products from other countries. This is due to high, stable quality and using only natural ingredients. Now Israeli residents can once again enjoy the taste of this cream in waffle cones or in bricks. The first batch of products with the Made in Russia logo will be present in Israeli stores in May

Ivan Artamonov
Head of innovation projects at Stavropolsky Dairy Plant, JSC

A Made in Russia special channel was established on YouTube, where the videos are available in foreign languages. Companies that pass certification obtain labeling and get presented on the channel.

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