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Russian pavilions appeared at the largest Asian online-sites

13 February 2018

Russian export center opened 5 Russian Pavilions at the most popular market places in Asia: Tmall, JD, 1688, Lazada and Rakuten.

Trade via electronic trade sites (market places) is the easiest and fastest way to begin export activity. This is especially relevant for the companies, planning sales in Asia - as the local residents actively use local search systems, social media and marketing tools. At that, Asian internet trade markets differ significantly from the European ones, and having no knowledge about the peculiarities of the local market, Russian exporters may face difficulties in the course of creation and promotion of their own local internet shop.

Placement of the goods at the market places, where every day millions of clients search the goods and make purchases, is the most efficient way to tell about oneself and one’s product at the new market easy and fast. For example, at the Bachelor’s day (on November 11, 2017) Alibaba Group sold goods for the amount of 25.3 bln USD via its market places - this is twice the amount of sales, made by US and European internet shops during Black Friday and Cyber Monday all together.

At the same time, in the course of registration at the popular Asian market places, Russian exporters faces certain barriers, which include obligatory presence of local legal entity, operating at least several years, high price for opening and support of the shop at the market place, absence of the service partner on certification, marketing, assembling and shipment of the orders.

To overcome these and other difficulties, Russian export center has launched several virtual Russian pavilions at the key online sites in China, Japan and Vietnam, in particular:

  1. Tmall — retail trade site, which is considered the largest in China according to the volumes of sales. Belongs to Alibaba Group. It was established on the basis of TaoBao trade platform in response to the need of the purchases in verified and certified products from all over the world. Link to the Russian pavilion: https://epinduo.tmall.com/

  2. JD — retail trade site, which is considered to be second largest in China according to the volumes of sales. Link to the Russian pavilion: https://mall.jd.com/index-755312.html

  3. Rakuten — retail trade site, which is considered to be largest in Japan according to the volumes of sales. Link to the Russian pavilion: https://www.rakuten.co.jp/russianmarket/

  4. Lazada — one of the most popular trade sites in Vietnam. Most part of shares of the company belongs to Alibaba Group. Link to the Russian pavilion: https://www.lazada.vn/kremlin-plaza/

  5. 1688 — крупнейшая в Китае оптовая торговая площадка, рассчитанная на внутренний рынок. Принадлежит Alibaba Group. Ссылка на российский павильон: https://russianfair.1688.com/

Теперь у российских экспортеров есть возможность осуществлять интернет-продажи в Китае, Японии и Вьетнаме, не имея местного юридического лица и не осуществляя платы за открытие аккаунта на маркетплейсах.

Now, Russian exporters have a possibility to deal with internet trading in China, Japan and Vietnam, without any local legal entity and without payment for the opening of account at the market places.

Besides REC determined an operating company, which is ready to provide full service support of internet sakes for REC clients. Using the services of the operating company, exporters may perform certification, stickering, marketing promotion of their products, assembling of the orders, their shipment to the final consumers and work with the returns.

Besides, this spring REC wants to hold large-scale promo-event on promotion of recently opened Russian pavilions, which shall allow Asian consumers to get acquainted with the goods, presented at the Russian pavilions.

Information for the companies, interested in sales of its’ products via the Russian pavilions, is available at the following link

Russian Export Center JSC (REC) - state institution of export support, established under the auspice of Government of the Russian Federation. The Center utilizes a ‘single window” approach for the work with exporters in the sphere of financial and non-financial support measures, including cooperation with relevant ministries and departments. For the formation of “single window” concept Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR JSC) and ROSEXIMBANK JSC were integrated into the group of Russian Export Center. As a part of its activity REC provides wide range of services for the manufacturers of non-resource-based products at all stages of the export cycle, interacts with the relevant executive state authorities, prepares offers for the improvement of entrepreneurial business in the part of export and international economic activity, regularly cooperates with the representatives of business and expert community, promotes overcoming of barriers and removal of ‘system’ constraints. Detailed information is available at the web site of Russian Export Center: http://exportcenter.ru

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