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Wood industry

Wood industry

Dimensional lumber, engineered wood, wood products, cellulose, paper products. Wood industry exports amounted to $4.5 billion in H1 2017.

Despite the explosive development of the chemical industry, natural materials are still in high demand. The unquestionable leader here is, of course, wood, as it is the basis of dozens of categories of goods. People in many countries want high-quality wooden houses with well-made, nice-looking furniture made of solid wood. Musical instruments, toys, bijouterie, kitchenware, combs – these are used in every aspect of our lives and they all require wood.

It would be difficult to overestimate Russia’s contribution to the global wood and timber industry – Russia is proud to have the largest amount of timber in the world. The forests host pine and spruce, which can be used for many purposes, durable larch, elastic and solid birch, mighty oak and ash, as well as a whole spectrum of ornamental trees, such as acacia, nut trees, and cherry trees.

The important thing is that every year in Russia, the number of new trees is larger than the amount of timber being chopped down. Applying state-of-the-art wood industry technologies, we organize, not only efficient, but also absolutely sustainable, manufacturing and production.

Russia is one of the top five exporters of wood construction materials. In 2016, total exports amounted to approximately $5 billion. The main buyers are regions and countries where this resource is scarce, such as eastern Asia, Kazakhstan, the central Asian republics, the Middle East, and Egypt. Russian timber is also in demand in Europe, North America, and even Australia.

The largest amount of exported timber is construction material, such as planks, plywood, wood-based panel, LVL, and others. Russia is second in the export of lumber, third in plywood, and is also one of the 10 biggest exporters of wood-based panels.

One of the most illustrious businesses in this area is a company called Modern Technologies for Wood Processing, which produces highly resistant multi-layered laminated veneer lumber patented as Ultralam™ LVL.

Its manufacturing facility, Talion Terra, is located in Tver Region and is the largest site of its kind in Europe. Its annual output is 150,000 m3, and 75 percent of what they produce is exported. Ultralam™ LVL has customers in as many as 30 countries. The biggest buyers are Australia, the EU, Saudi Arabia, and the US.

Russia works hard to increase exports of furniture, interior design items, kitchenware, and other wooden goods. Russia is an almost exclusive supplier of chopsticks to China, with exports reaching almost $10 million a year.

The pulp and paper sector is another example of Russia’s important role in the wood and timber markets. The 2nd-largest exporter of paper for newspapers, Russia is the main supplier to many countries in the eastern hemisphere. One out of seven newspapers in India and one out of three in Turkey are printed on paper from Russia.

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