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The SINIKON company, founded in 1996, is a leading Russian wastewater pipes manufacturer. The brand offers integrated solutions with advanced polymeric materials for sewerage.

Over 150 employees
years on the pipe market
SINIKON fittings and pipes boast a 50-year life cycle
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About manufacturer

SINIKON, LLC was founded in 1996. VALSIR, an Italian company, is a co-founder of the enterprise and it is also a part of the FONDITAL international holding, which is among the world leaders in producing heating, water supply and sewerage systems.

SINIKON's pipes and fitting were used in the construction of the Olympic Games facilities in Sochi, new airport in Vladivostok, and Luzhniki stadium in Moscow.

The company produces polypropylene sewerage pipes, PVC-U pipes for outdoor sewerage and a variety of fittings. All products have necessary certificates of conformity with Russian and European standards.

Integrated solutions offered by SINIKON allow for an ideal compatibility of all elements within one system, as well as smooth and fail-proof operation of indoor and outdoor sewerage.

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Global standards

The co-founder of the company is the Italian VALSIR plant, which is part of FONDITAL International Holding (one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heating, water supply and sewerage systems). European quality control coupled with state of the art manufacturing equipment installed at SINIKON enable the company to produce products of only the highest quality.
All SINIKON products are certified according to DIN EN 1451-1.

Quality control

The factory boasts modern high-efficiency equipment that makes it possible to produce top-quality goods. Multi-level quality control is one the main SINIKON's strong points.
All manufactured good meet the Russian State Industry Standard #32414-2013.

Energy saving

Aware of the responsibility for preserving favorable living conditions and environment, as well as for sustainable use of natural resources, SINIKON applies most advanced energy saving technologies. Heating at the factory is carried out through a system of warm water underfloor systems based on VALSIR kits with an on-site boiling house.

10-year warranty

The warranty period on all SINIKON products (in terms of manufacturing defects) is 10 years. SINIKON guarantees that within the warranty period any material damage to the property caused by any manufacturing defects in pipes and/or fittings will be compensated for.

Educational programs

The company pays particular attention to educational programmes: we have a conference room and training halls; highly qualified staff members from SINIKON’s Training Centre regularly organize lectures, seminars, and master classes for engineering professionals.

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Legal and business address
11 Promyshlennaia St., Troitsk, Moscow, 142191, Russia
Details of the company
Company location region
Moscow, Troitsk
Manufacturer type
Joint Venture
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