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TAKF Confectionary has been present on the Russian market for over 70 years. The company joined the United Confectionaries Holding in 2003. TAKF’s portfolio includes over 150 confectionary products. The firm’s philosophy is based on three key principles: always high product quality, tightly knit and professionally skilled staff, and customer care.

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About manufacturer

TAKF Confectionary is the largest confectionary manufacturer in Tambov Region, boasting a history spanning 72 years. Since 2003 the company is a member of the United Confectionaries Holding, the leader of Russian confectionary industry. TAKF’s product portfolio includes chocolates, candies, treacle pies and wafers. 

The company’s production capacities are constantly updated and modernized, making it possible to develop and launch new products in tune with the consumer demand. TAKF’s product designers offer their customers only the highest quality confectionaries conforming to the latest food production standards. Thorough research of consumer preferences and a wealth of experience of TAKF’s s confectioners make the company a proactive and competitive manufacturer with a solid business reputation. Many of their products, which had been initially developed for the local market, are being included in the federal product range of the Holding and becoming hits all over Russia: “Sochnaya Dolka”®, “Nezhenka”®, “Vostochny Bazar”®, etc. TAKF is also successfully exporting their products to Spain (“Felicita Caramello Toffee de blando”®), Germany (“Felicita Caramello whits Peanuts”®), and other countries.

TAKF confectionary products have been honored by diplomas at national and international tasting competitions.

The company is especially mindful of advanced professional training of their staff and their education under the Presidential program. They are taking steps to prepare highly qualified workers for the future.

TAKF Confectionary enjoys the reputation of a conscientious manufacturer, successfully selling their products in Russia and abroad. They pay special attention to development of proprietary retail network “Alyonka”®. Today TAKF products are in high demand in many Russian regions, as well as abroad in the CIS and other countries, such as Kazakhstan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Germany, Spain, Israel, etc

High quality of TAKF products today is guaranteed by strict adherence to all the norms and GOST standards mandatory in Russia, as well as the European process regulations and standards. In 2009 the confectionary was certified according to ISO 22000 - Food Safety Management System – a new international system. In 2010 TAKF was also certified under GOST R ISO 9001-2008.

In 2017 the confectionary was awarded a FSSC 22000 Food Safety Certificate approved by GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative).

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Many confectionary products made by TAKF have been honored by diplomas at national and international tasting competitions.
- Toffee de Luxe Classic Chocolates were awarded with gold medals twice: in 2015 at the International Professional Food and Beverage Tasting Competition “Product of the Year – 2015”, and in 2017 at the International Confectionary Quality Exhibition “Innovation and Tradition”.

- Korovka Chocolate Milk Filled Pies were awarded with a gold medal “For High Quality” in 2016 at the International Confectionary Quality Exhibition “Innovation and Tradition”.

Krepysh Hazelnut Wafers and Wafer Cakes: Lakomka Nut, Lakomka Caramel Cream were awarded with gold medals “For High Quality” in 2014 at the International Confectionary Quality Exhibition “Innovation and Tradition”.

The list of awards goes on.

TAKF team is proud of their achievements.

Certificate is valid until 02/11/2020
Legal and de fact address
392000, Tambov Region, Tambov City, Oktyabrskaya St., 22
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Company location
Tambov Region, Tambov City
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Large manufacturer
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