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Suksun Optical Mechanics Plant, OJSC

SOMP, OJSC is the leading Russian developer and manufacturer of individual protective means for head, eyes, face, acoustic and respiratory organs.

more than 700 names of IPM
more than 13 importing countries
deliveries to 85 regions of Russia
qrcode: Suksun Optical Mechanics Plant, OJSC
About manufacturer

Every year the enterprise brings more than 8-10 innovative products to the individual protective means (IPM) market, receives 3-4 patents for the unique means of protection which have no alternatives in the world, it was awarded with the gold medal of “100 Best Russian Goods” Awards, and the catalogue contains more than 2000 products.

The main types of products are the following:

  • safety glasses and goggles, including corrective ones;
  • protective helmets for workers and managers;
  • protective shields for welders;
  • ear muffs;
  • kits of protective means for head, eyes, face, acoustic and respiratory organs;
  • means of protection against convection and radiant heat in metallurgical industry.


Every year more than 20 new models of IPM are developed and commercialized at the plant. Using the most up-to-date means and equipment for development and prototyping of new goods, including 3D printers, the enterprise not only checks the conformity to the base requirements of State standards and Technical Regulations, but also ensures the best ergonomics of goods in the process of operation.


The enterprise embarks on a course of production processes automation, which directly affect the products quality. To increase the accuracy of process operations the manipulation robots have been established at the plant, a new generation of automatic molding machines is used, which allows not only to achieve a high quality of moulding, lean and ecology-friendly production, but also to implement innovative materials.


Suksun Optical Mechanics Plant, OJSC have their own testing laboratory. Availability of modern, state-of-the-art testing platform allows the specialists to successfully cope with the set tasks on the increase of IPM quality and reliability, achieve the maximum results in the ergonomics, protective characteristics and design of products.


All products manufactured by Suksun Optical Mechanics Plant, OJSC, conforms to the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, recommendations of typical Industry Sector Codes, the main groups of products have COE European requirements Conformance Certificates.

In 2017 a new garment manufacture – special-purpose garment factory РОСОМЗ® was opened at SOMP, OJSC. Within the framework of import replacement program, the enterprise has established the complex fabrication of IPM for operation in supersevere conditions at extreme temperatures for protection against convection and radiant heat.

In December 2017 the merits of SOMP, OJSC production had been recorded in The Record Book of Russia in nomination of “The longest production of one model of goggles”. Result: 76 years. Goggles with the direct ventilation ЗП1 PATRIOT are produced at Suksun Optical Mechanics Plant since 1941. There are no alternatives to this model in the whole world. Goggles ЗП1 PATRIOT is the best example of high quality and high-technology product being in-demand for many, many years at the market!

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More details

290 years in Russia, 75 years at individual protective means production market.


Quality proven by European standards and certificates ТР ТС 019/2011.


Complete process cycle: design, production, testing and sales of IPM.

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Legal and business address
617560, Perm Territory, Suksun, Kolhoznaya Str., 1
Details of the company
Company location region
Perm Territory, Suksun
Manufacturer type
Large manufacturer
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