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Souvenir CJSC

The company manufactures the famous Vyatka matryoshkas. The painted wooden dolls remain a symbol of Russian culture and one of the main souvenirs that tourists bring back from Russia.

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About manufacturer

Kirov manufacturer Souvenir was established in 1937. Back then it was just a small cooperative, but over time traditional arts and crafts grew into an industry of their own. Today the company manufactures over 400 types of products, and the number keeps growing.

Recently the company started making artisan goods and custom-made matryoskas based on the customer's sketches. It also makes Russian Bingo souvenir sets. In 2016-2017, Souvenir produced 100,000 various souvenir items, bingo and chess sets.

Traditional Vyatka matryoshka dolls and Russian Bingo souvenir sets are made of natural hardwood - birch and basswood.

Souvenir CJSC is the largest matryoshka doll manufacturer in Russia.

Souvenir has an art lab where experts develop new designs that involve using latest painting methods and materials (gold leaf, watercolors, acryl). Matryoshka dolls are decorated not only with traditional flower motifs, but also with fairy-tale images and various genre scenes.

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Long history

Vyatka matryoshka doll was first mentioned in history archives in 1924. There is only one matryoshka dating back to the early XX century in the Kirov history museum collection.


Souvenir CJSC won the 100 Best Russian Goods distinction.

Natural materials

All items are made of natural hardwood – birch and basswood.

Boosting traditional crafts

Souvenir CJSC actively contributes to developing traditional arts and crafts, including by participating in various exhibitions; forging a connection between traditional handicraft and Russian people in general; inspiring respect for Russian history and culture; and helping people to learn about traditions and customs of the many peoples living in Russia.

Own production

Souvenir CJSC is a Kirov-based manufacturer that produces unique hand-made items, from wooden blanks to finishing touches.

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610008, Kirov, Lugovye Sloboda, 12 Fabrichnaya St.
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Medium-sized business
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