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Snezhinka LLC

Snezhinka focuses on production of the unique type of hand-woven lace known as Vologda lace. Snezhinka is happy to offer lace adornments, as well as cotton and linen clothes, bed linen and dining textiles decorated with lace.
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Snezhinka’s lace-makers also produce bespoke pieces such as custom-made lace evening gowns or daywear, decorative lace wall art, custom-made souvenirs with client logos, etc.

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Lace-clad celebrities

A lace collar adorned with Swarovski crystal effortlessly fit in with the fashion style of Italian Prime Minister’s wife. During the Obamas’ visit to Moscow in 2009, Michelle Obama received a “Chamomile Bouquet” – a tablecloth and 12 napkins. Pierre Richard tried his hand at lace-making along with children from one of the local orphanages. In her new music video Jealous, Beyoncé is wearing Vologda lace pelerine that was praised by international critics.

Over 85 years of history

The company we now know as Snezhinka was established in 1930, when Volkruzhevsoyuz was set up in Vologda. It united many smaller manufacturers and over 40,000 lace makers. It was Snezhinka that preserved the traditional craft during political turmoil, proving that lace-making is the true symbol of Russian patient and hard-working nature.

New trends

At the moment Snezhinka’s creativity is truly flourishing. Young fashion designers work together with master craftsmen to discover entirely news aspects of using lace in design. Snezhinka’s latest lace collections take the traditional Vologda craft to new heights.

Wide variety of goods

The company produces a wide variety of clothing, jewelry and interior design pieces made of famous Vologda lace, as well as beautiful and high-quality cotton and linen goods (tablecloths, bed sheets, clothing, christening robes, souvenirs and pictures).

Custom-made items

Apart from our main range of products, we make custom-made items, such as formal dresses and casual clothing, souvenir pictures, items bearing company logos and so on.

Company location region
Legal and business address
160012, 119-A Kozlenskaya Street, Vologda
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Small Business
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