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Samarskie Inzhenernye Laboratorii (SILA), LLC

The Samara Engineering Laboratories, LLC’s areas of activity are design, development, production, and consulting services.

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About manufacturer

Design of separate production processes and facilities, including machinery, equipment, and engineering systems with the development of design documentation; the design of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Production of remotely piloted aircraft and aircraft systems.

Consultations on the commercialization of the results of scientific and engineering activities, technology transfer, marketing, international cooperation, and product promotion in the world market.

SILA creates technology, offers engineering services, develops and manufactures UAVs of different types, and has expertise in the area of aerospace equipment and technology. The company is interested in working with Russian and international manufacturers, small innovative companies, startups, research organizations, private investors, developing projects, establishing new businesses and syndicates in the area of aerospace equipment and technology.

Among the works performed by SEL, LLC: development of design and analytical documents to supply models of unmanned aerial vehicles (the “OSA” remotely piloted aircraft).

The Company selected the equipment for the manufacture of five micro-class unmanned aerial vehicles for practicing robot group management techniques.

The Company has experience in the development of software for machine tools at the enterprises of the aerospace cluster in the Samara Region.

The Company is a member of the engineering center of the aerospace cluster in the Samara Region, by agreement with which it is based in the territory of the innovative business incubator of the Samara Region.

The Company has access to office and industrial premises, the machine tools park; it has one production site.

SEL, LLC creates technologies; provides engineering services; develops and manufactures unmanned aerial vehicles of various types and purposes; is competent in the field of aerospace engineering and technology.

The Company is interested in cooperation with Russian and foreign industrial companies, small innovative enterprises and startups, research institutions, private investors to develop joint projects, to create enterprises and consortia in the field of prospective aerospace engineering and technology.

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Certificate is valid until 12/13/2019
Billing address
55 Eniseiskaya, room 95, Samara, Russia, 443051
Physical address
34a (3b) Moscovskoye shosse, room 19, Samara, Russia, 443086
Details of the company
Company location region
Samara, Samara region
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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