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Russhpala, Limited Liability Company

Rapidly growing RUSSHPALA company is a Russian manufacturer of quality permanent way products and impregnated wood. We are the only manufacturers of impregnated sleepers with three plants in different regions of the country, our production facilities are the best in Russia.

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About manufacturer

RUSSHPALA is a member of a production holding, which includes factories producing sleeper products in the Ural, Central and Volga Federal Districts of the Russian Federation.

Employees of our company have 10-year experience of deliveries to the EU and CIS and other continents. The company is the market leader in sleeper products with a share of 10%.

RUSSHPALA specializes in the manufacture of: - wooden sleepers impregnated with water-soluble antiseptics; - wooden sleepers impregnated with reliable coal oil; - impregnated lumber; - wooden impregnated power transmission towers (CCA group, Tanalith, creosote).

Our products comply with GOST, EN, as well as individual customer standards.

RUSSHPALA supplies sleeper products throughout Russia, CIS and far abroad, as it possesses a wide network of timber companies and sleeper impregnation plants in different regions of the country.

RUSSHPALA, LLC has its own production facilities, including plants in Orenburg (Orsk production), Sverdlovsk (Irbit production) and the main production in Nizhny Novgorod (Semenov production).

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Motto of the company

Quality is when customers, not the products, return to you!

We create high quality sleeper products with the highest level of service for our customers

Industrial park

Industrial Park includes 3 sleeper impregnation plants in the European part of Russia, equipped with the advanced production autoclaves, dryers, sawing and debarking machines.

Recognition by professionals

RUSSHPALA has been recognized by Megaresearch, an independent analytical company, as the sleeper market leader with a share of 10% of the market!

Certificate is valid until 10/14/2020
Head office (Legal and actual address)
462420, Russia, Orenburg region, Orsk, office 319, 43 Leninskogo Komsomola str.
RUSSHPALA, LLC Semenov production
606621, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Semenov, village of Polom, 12B Koverninskaya str.
RUSSHPALA, LLC Irbit production
623850, Sverdlovsk Region, Irbit, 100 Sovetskaya str.
RUSSHPALA, LLC Orsk production
462409, Russia, Orenburg Region, Orsk, 9, 2-ya Osinovskaya str
Details of the company
Company location
Russia, Orenburg region
Manufacturer type
Medium manufacturer
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