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Research and Production Enterprise NIKOR was created in 1989 on the basis of the Tomsk Instrument Engineering Plant and since 2015 it has been a resident of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone. It is primarily engaged in developing, producing and maintaining medical equipment, including devices for veterinary medicine.

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About manufacturer

NIKOR has supply contracts in place with Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizia, and Belarus, and efforts are also being made to obtain CE marking for its products in order to be able to enter the European Union market.

From the very beginning, the company has been focused on the manufacturing of high-tech products that satisfy the needs of domestic and foreign consumers and that are competitive both in price and in quality.

Its area of expertise and practice covered hardware and software security sets, electrosurgical equipment, power supply systems (e.g., uninterruptible power supplies and protection devices), and monitoring and operational control systems.

In 2015, the company lived through corporate restructuring and became a resident of the Tomsk Special Economic Zone with the manufacturing and maintenance of surgical equipment as its principle focal areas.

It has accumulated extensive experience in the development and production of medical equipment over 29 years of existence and its experts have been successful both in adapting world technologies and in the in-house innovations.

The mission of RPE NIKOR, JSC is to raise its scientific and technical potential, as well as to build and maintain an efficient, suitable and adequately developed quality management system that relies upon the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 international standards in order to tackle the product development tasks it faces.

We create effective and safe equipment for those who improve the quality of life!

The company has acquired a large number of partners over its 29-year history. It contributes to the growth of each partner and guarantees the consistently high quality of its products and the prices that contribute to the financial success of the partner companies.

Our devices are applied in more than 1,000 healthcare institutions and private clinics. We are customer-oriented and we think about the needs and financial possibilities of each and every client from a small beauty parlour to major medical centers.

Our customers include SibSMU hospital clinics, Burdenko Hospital (Moscow), Neurology Microsurgery Clinic, etc.

We have developed special payment schemes and a variety of equipment upgrade programs such as Approbation and TRADE-IN. We feel responsible for every device we have produced and provide both warranty and post-warranty services and all types of customer advisory support.

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Our Strategic Mission

Our mission is to become the leading company in the development and implementation of electrosurgical technologies in the Russian and CIS markets.

Strategic Task

Our strategic task is to contribute to the development of Russia's economic and human potential by giving opportunities for elaboration and progress to our employees and by providing high-quality world-class medical devices to our customers.

Quality Policy

The key point of our quality policy is building of sustainable consumer confidence in our company as a reliable supplier of innovative products and services with high and sustainable quality, which will enable us to strengthen our positions in the market for the benefits of the company, its shareholders, employees and consumers.

Certificate is valid until 06/26/2020
Registered and actual address
8/8, Academicheskiy Avenue, Tomsk, 634055
Details of the company
Region of the company's location
Tomsk, Tomsk Region
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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