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RostovCompozit LLC

«RostovKompozit» - high-tech enterprise producting composite reinforcing materials. The main product of the company is the composite rebar Armastek, which is based on a patented technology and is of high quality, making it an export-worthy product.

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About manufacturer

RostovComposit produces composite rebar. The main area of focus is the production of Armastek composite rebar.

Business processes are streamlined to ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials and shipment of products. The main priority of the company is to reduce the cost of construction materials without affecting quality.

To help achieve its goals, the company has an in-house laboratory in Rostov-on-Don, which assesses the quality of the raw materials for compliance with the declared characteristics, before using it in production. The quality of the finished product is evaluated in one of our partner's laboratories and ensured by regular certification tests.

In order to improve the quality of our products, the company, in cooperation with EU engineers, developed a program aimed at optimizing the production process. The company also used to the help of a regional engineering company to developed a plan to automize production lines.

In order expand the use of composites in construction, the company develops new types of equipment for the production of composite grids, composite profiles and other products, using regional tools to support innovative enterprises.

Laboratory tests of Armastek rebar, carried out in Russia and Europe, have confirmed compliance with the stated specifications, and, as a result, Armastek composite rebar has found its way into the EU markets: a highway bridge in Poland, exterior wall cladding at a concrete batching plant in Switzerland. To confirm the quality of the reinforcement, the client has carried out a full cycle of full-scale testing of finished products, after which he received the permission to use it in construction sites. Based on the results of the work carried out, a scientific article was written, covering the unique experience of introducing composite reinforcement, which allowed to reduce the thickness of the wall cladding from 12-15 cm to 6.5 cm.

Armastek is available in most major countries of Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the Far East. From the very start, the company has been working with CIS consumers.

At the moment, Armastek is the most recognizable Russian brand of reinforcing bars in Europe, the largest producer of composite reinforcement in Russia, with its quality confirmed by EU laboratories.

By continuously working to perfect production technologies and ensure quality monitoring of finished products, the company has proven itself as a reliable producer of high-quality composite reinforcement.

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Certification and quality

RostovComposit composite reinforcement is produced in compliance with the specifications of the patent holder, and its parameters comply with the requirements of National State Standard 31938-2012.
Quality parameters of the rebar are verified by several European laboratories, and are certified for ISO 10406-1.

Reliability and cost effectiveness of products

Performance testing of the reinforcing bars in Switzerland has paved the way for their use at a concrete batching plant for the production of facing plates. That said, it should be noted that in 2015, the Armastek composite reinforcing bar have not passed EU certification for use as a building material.
In 2016, during the construction of a Lenta Shopping Center in Rostov-on-Don, our designers were able to replace the metal reinforcing bars in the floor slab with a composite one and pass the fire safety expert review in less than 20 days. As a result, by using our product the contractor saved about 5 million rubles.

Demand for the product

As of the beginning of December 2017, plans for a number of construction projects for hydraulic engineering installations have been completed in Eastern Europe, which will use Armastek rebar. The use of our rebar in hydraulic engineering projects allows to reduce the cost of reinforcing materials, and thanks to corrosion resistance, increase the working lifespan and reduce the amount of concrete used.

Sales geography

Interest in RostovKompozit LLC products has been expressed by several Eastern Europe and Northern Africa countries, TM Armastek armature is regularly shipped to CIS countries. EU countries shall be prepared for mass use of TM Armastek composite armature as soon as European standard compliance certificate is obtained.

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Legal and business address
Rostov-on-Don 6 Vtoraya Lugovaya, Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don, 344002
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Small Business
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