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REMO-Technologies, LLC

REMO-Technologies, LLC is Russia’s No. 1 producer of television antennas, 3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi communication antennas and accessories.

1 000 000
items produced per year
10 000
sq.m. production area
qrcode: REMO-Technologies, LLC
About manufacturer

Since 1990, we have been developing and manufacturing high quality TV reception and data transmission antennas. REMO products ensure the performance, reliability and durability to match the highest standards of broadcast TV and data transmission systems.

The unique production process allows the enterprise to quickly adapt to create new types of antennas in large quantities. Production capacity is over 90,000 units per month and over 1,000,000 products per year. REMO products meet the highest quality control standards applied in different countries.

REMO monitors and supports the latest technological developments in compliance with the international standards for radio systems, private spectrum and antennas. We also assess the products of our competitors to ensure production of better-quality antennas and accessories at cheaper prices. We constantly draw attention of our customers to improvement of our products, and updating our website, providing the latest information about the products on the market.

Our own developments, a variety of technical solutions and a wide range of REMO products provide for REMO’s leading positions in the Russian market in the segment of television antennas and accessories.

An essential component of the REMO production process is quality assurance. To achieve the highest quality of products, REMO staff includes 5 engineers, whose jobs include vector network analyzers, such as Planar OBZOR-103 and TRS1300/1 and other measuring equipment. They work through each production cycle in order to achieve a high level of quality and the ability to guarantee the absence of defects in REMO products.

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Our Mission

Development of competitive full cycle production of consumer electronics in Russia and promotion of products on the world market.

Industrial Park

Three REMO production facilities cover over 10,000 square meters of work space. There are mechanical, radio assembly, galvanic and packaging units, Quality Control Department, Project Department, radio laboratory, IT-center, Logistics Department, transport unit and maintenance group.

Professional Recognition

REMO possesses of a large number of certificates and declarations of conformity with international requirements and standards, operating under GOST R ISO 9001-2015 Quality Management System.

The company has registered dozens of product patents and utility models. REMO engineers and developers were awarded the Professional Engineer of Russia title.

For many years, REMO products have been awarded the highest honors in 100 Best of Russia Products in the consumer industrial products category.

- Ultra 3G/4G Outdoor beam Antenna - diploma winner
- BAS-MAXI X11102 BAS-1333 GROZA outdoor TV antenna - award winner

- INTER 2.0 indoor television antenna - award winner
- CONNECT STREET Internet signal amplifier - award winner

- CONNECT 2.0. Internet signal amplifier - award winner

- Inter-Plus individual indoor TV reception antenna - award winner

- UZB-2 SAVER high-speed protection device - award winner

- ATINV1-60M Television all-band antennas (TWIN, Albatros, Kolibri series) - award winner
- Network protective set - SHCHIT-4M network filter and UZB-2, SAYER protection device - award winner

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Legal and actual address
410033, Saratov, 50 let Oktyabrya av., 101, building P3, Office 222
Details of the company
Company’s location
Saratov Region, city of Saratov
Manufacturer's type
Small Enterprise
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