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Proton-Electrotex, JSC

Proton-Electrotex is a Russian company, which develops and manufactures power semiconductor diodes, thyristors, modules, heatsinks, IGBTs and power units for various electric energy converters.

20 000
m2 of production facilities
200 000
pieces of products per year
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About manufacturer

The company was founded and started production in 1996. Since then, Proton-Electrotex has developed its own infrastructure to support full production cycle. Production facilities of the company are equipped with modern process lines, in-house measuring equipment and “clean rooms” with meeting all the requirements of electronic and microelectronic industry.

The main products of the Company are rectifying, avalanche and fast diodes and thyristors available in stud, disc and module desig. For welding industry Proton-Electrotex offers welding diodes with high current load capacity and low static losses both in housingless option and in ceramic housing. In 2016 the Company launched IGBT modules in standard industrial designs, which gradually replace bipolar devices. Until that moment IGBTs had been mainly imported to Russia from abroad.

On the customer’s request the Company’s devices can be mounted on air cooling heatsinks. The Company can also develop and produce power units for various applications based on semiconductor devices. Such units may optionally include air or liquid cooling system, a protection system and control system.

In the age of “green” technologies and energy-efficiency there is nothing more important than component base reliability. Quality of Proton-Electrotex products has always been and remains of top priority for the company and its business-partners.

Constantly expanding distribution network of the Company provides progressively efficient and qualitative service for customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Germany, China, Japan, South Korea and India.

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Certified and approved supplier

Quality management system of the Company is ISO 9001 certified and environmental management system is ISO 14001 certified as per 2015 standard;

The products are licensed for use in nuclear industry by Federal Agency of the Russian Federation for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Surveillance;

The products are approved by “Technical acceptance of RZhD, OJSC”;

Proton-Electrotex is included in the Russian register of approved suppliers.

Optimized manufacturing and management processes

The company is managed through an optimized system for management of business-processes, ERP and CRM systems.

Advanced scientific & production base

Numerous engineering staff, constant researches and tests to improve quality and reliability of our products. Scientific and technical center of Proton-Electrotex, JSC, which develops measuring equipment, is established in Moscow.

Application areas

Main application areas of the Company’s products are electric drives, quarry machinery, transportation vehicles, induction heating and melting of metal, electric networks, alternative energy sources and welding equipment.

Distribution network

Constantly expanding distribution network provides progressively efficient and qualitative service for customers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Germany, Italy, China, Japan and South Korea.

The goal

The main goal of the Company is to provide its customers with modern and reliable products. The Company believes that there are four key areas needed to achieve this goal:

- development of human resources: the Company does everything possible to attract talented designers and help them show themselves. Experts of Proton-Electrotex visit leading exhibitions in the global industry of power electronics, receive additional training and publish their papers in scientific magazines;

- optimized process structure: efficient production management and planning and well-tuned internal communications allow quickly accept and process orders;

- using only high quality raw materials and components: the Company works with the largest global suppliers of semiconductor device components;

- modern production facilities and testing equipment: automated production and quality control is true pride of Proton-Electrotex.

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Legal and business address
19 Leskova Street, bld. 27, office 14, Orel, Orel Region, 302040
Details of the company
Company location region
Orel, Orel Region
Manufacturer type
Medium Business
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