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Promtractor, OJSC

Promtractor, OJSC is the only plant in Russia and the CIS countries that is part of the four world’s top enterprises engaged in the production of heavy ripper-dozer and pipe-laying machines.

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About manufacturer

Promtractor, OJSC has been established in 1972; since 2006, it is a member of Corporate Governance Company “Tractor Plants” Concern, LLC.

Promtractor, OJSC’s product specialization:

  • crawler bulldozers: 8 basic tractors of the 6–40 drawbar categories (95–590 h.p.) and about 547 modifications with various working equipment;
  • pipe laying cranes of the 4th class: 5 basic models with a load capacity of 26 to 105 tons, built on the basis of a crawler tractor with the
  • installation of the necessary equipment;
  • a wheeled dozer with an articulated frame and an operational weight of 45.6 tons;
  • the PK-12 front loader with an articulated frame and a load capacity of 12 tons, with 3 types of buckets (standard, rock, and coal execution);
  • crawler single-bucket full-revolving excavators with a weight of 20 to 45.5 tons, an engine power of 184 to 364 h.p., and a bucket capacity of 0.8 to 2.3 cu. m;
  • crawler agricultural tractors of the 3rd and 6th drawbar categories;
  • transmissions and cabs for assembly plants of Corporate Governance Company “Tractor Plants” Concern, LLC;
  • machine sets for harvesters of the 3rd and 4th categories

Every year, the Company launches the production of 1 or 2 new models of machines

The Company provides about 70% of the domestic market of heavy tractors and almost 100% of the heavy pipe layer market. Promtractor, OJSC’s machines are well proven in Russia, the CIS, and other 23 countries of the world.

The types of processes involved in the Promtractor, OJSC’s production: the forging, thermal, welding, machining, painting, assembly process stages; transportation and installation.

The production process is organized in a complete closed cycle: from receiving raw materials, inventory, and components to assembly, testing, and applying protective decorative coating.

Promtractor, OJSC is the first of the domestic tractor construction companies which organized its own network of service centers and its own leasing company.

Promtractor, OJSC not just manufactures and sells ripper-dozer and pipe-laying machines, but also provides its partners with a full-scale warranty and service program, as close as possible to the regions of machine operation.

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The Company’s Mission

Solving consumer tasks for effective value creation by providing machines with capabilities that exceed expectations.

The Industrial Park

The total land area occupied Promtractor, OJSC is 273 ha; the total area of covered space is 1.04 mln sq. m; the production and auxiliary areas are 803.133 thous. sq. m; the production hall area is 465 thous. sq.m.

Recognition by Professionals

Following “The Best Russian Exporter” competition, Promtractor, OJSC was repeatedly recognized as the leader of the national engineering industry.

Promtractor, OJSC included in the list of organizations that have a significant impact on the industry and trade, as approved by order of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

The Company’s products are winners of quality competitions.

In different years, many models from among Promtractor, OJSC’s products were awarded platinum, gold, and silver marks of quality at the Russian “Products XXICENTURY” exhibition.

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Registered office and place of business
428027, Republic of Chuvashia - Chuvashia, Cheboksary, Huzangaya St, 26B
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Region of the company location
Republic of Chuvashia - Chuvashia, Cheboksary
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Large Manufacturer
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