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Primorskaya Soya LLC

Primorskaya Soya LLC established in 2015 at the premises of the Ussuriysk Oil and Fat Plant, which was founded in 1927, is the largest manufacturer of vegetable oil, mayonnaise, soap and soybean meal in Primorye.

18 211
tons of soybean oil per year
15 935
tons of packaged products
84 512
tons of soybean meals
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About manufacturer

Despite of a short history, Primorskaya Soya LLC has processed 331,830 t of soybeans and manufactured 42,458 t of packaged oil; 253 686 t of soybean meals have been supplied to feed consumers.

Apart from supplying finished products within the Primorsky Territory and throughout Russia, the company also exports its products to China, Hong Kong and Korea. To manufacture fat-and-oil products, the company uses soybeans from the Far East region.

The use of non-genetically modified raw soybeans allows manufacturing soybean oil, which is desirable in the international market.

Primorskaya Soya LLC has an oil extraction shop with an elevator with a storage volume of 37 ths. t, a refining and deodorization division with a capacity of 100 t/day, a fat processing shop manufacturing mayonnaise products and soap, a packaged product shop, finished product and raw stock storages, a boiler house and water treatment facilities. An access railway is also available.

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The main mission of the company

Primorskaya Soya LLC: processing of high-quality non-GM raw soybeans and manufacturing of safe high-quality oil-and-fat products using state-of-the-art technologies, compliance with environmentally safe procedures and shop safety regulations, a stable team of professionals.

Finished products
The range of products manufactured by Primorskaya Soya LLC includes approx. 50 items. These include packaged soybean oil, Ussuriyskoye mixed oil, mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces, perfumes and cosmetics such as toilet soaps, including children’s soap, soybean meal and vegetable acid oils.


Primorskaya Soya LLC has been given the Commemorative Medal for the 80th Anniversary of Constitution of the Primorsky Territory (1938-2018) and a Recognition Letter from A.V. Tarasenko, Acting Governor of the Primorsky Territory. ООО Primorskaya Soya LLC has been awarded with a Certificate of Merit from the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky Territory for dedicated work, highly professional team and invaluable contribution into the development of the agricultural sector in the Primorsky Territory.

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Legal and business address
120, Volochaevskaya Str., Ussuriysk, Primorsky Territory, 692500, Russian Federation
Details of the company
Company location region
Primorsky Territory
Manufacturer type
Large manufacturer
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