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Plastic OJSC

Plastic, OJSC (located in the town of Uzlovaya, Tula Region) is the number one ABS plastic and EPS producer. The enterprise boasts all necessary facilities for large-scale traditional molding, injection molding and extrusion compression molding. It is also the biggest supplier of polymer material and its products.

11 300
tons of EPS per year
6 380
tons of separators and phenolic plastics per year
counties of export
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About manufacturer

The facility works on several tracks, namely the production of monomers and polymers and the processing of polymers by various methods.

It also produces styrene, expandable polystyrene, separators and phenolic plastics.

The technology used for ABS plastic production is provided by Asahi Chemical, Japan.

On top of that, the facility also houses manufacturing lines for car parts.

Plastic, OJSC (located in the town of Uzlovaya, Tula Region) is one of the major producer of ABS plastic and EPS.

Plastic, OJSC offers ABS plastic materials and parts for automotive and machine production, raw materials for manufacturers of plastic products and the construction industry, safety equipment for mining and construction workers, as well as finished consumer goods.

Styrene is used for production of polystyrene, ABS plastic, styrenated rubber and latex.

Polystyrene is used for making heat- and sound-insulating boards, packaging, watercrafts, car parts, decoration pieces, foam plastic and other products of technical use.

ABS plastic is used for manufacturing parts relating to car, radio electronic and instrument engineering industries, as well as internal parts for refrigerators, and also medical supplies and various consumer goods.

Compounds are used for manufacturing automobile interior and exterior structural and decorative parts and various electrical products and appliances.

This line of products includes over 250 molded and injection molded items for VAZ, UAZ, KAMAZ, and GAZ vehicles of various complexity, including reinforced ones, made from different types of plastic.

Polymer panels (under the Dilur trademark) are used for producing exterior and interior parts for vehicles through vacuum molding. They are also used as cladding material and for making consumer goods, electronics and household appliances.

Molding are decorative components for automobile vehicles.

Various types of moldings, facing plates, interior car seals and weatherstrips and fillings are supplied to manufactures of cars, buses, trolleybuses and trams.

Protective helmets WORKER-M, MINER-M, WORKER-U with a plastic shock absorber are meant for 1st and 2nd climate zones with temperatures ranging from -10°С to +50°С. The WORKER-M helmet with a textile shock absorber can be used in all climate zones with temperatures from -50°С to +50°С.

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Mission of the company

We produce highly processed petrochemicals and gas chemical products for a broad range of manufacturers both in Russia and the CIS, at the same time set to develop international sales and engage in cooperation with various other countries.

Our goals

Our goals and objectives have to do with increasing the competitive edge of products and services provided by the company through the following:
- further enhancing competencies in producing styrene plastic and plastic processing;
- increasing the already high level of quality of produced goods and material, including on Defense Orders;
- fully harvesting the potential provided by beneficial geographical location of the Plastic production site.

Leader of the chemical industry

Plastic, OJSC is included in the list of chemical factories designed as critically important for the industry by the government of the Russian Federation; the company is also on the list of enterprises which enjoy support of the Ministry for Industry and Trade, and Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation.

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Legal and business address
301600, 1 Tulskaya Street, Uzlovaya, Tula Region
Details of the company
Company location region
Uzlovaya, Tula Region
Manufacturer type
Large Enterprise
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