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New Agro-Engineering Solutions, LLC (NAIR, LLC) is an innovative, high-tech manufacturing enterprise producing resource-efficient seeding equipment, as well as equipment for cultivation of vegetable crops. NAIR has an extensive dealer network. The Company's specialists and dealers pay great attention to the high degree of product reliability and guarantee the quality of service works.

All products have certificates of conformity to Russian standards.

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Detail information
Доп. информация
Company mission

One of the key tasks in agriculture is the transition to the advanced resource-efficient and high-performance technologies. Our mission is to develop innovative technical solutions to improve the efficiency of agribusiness. We keep up with the times.

What makes us different is the service

Service support includes all types of warranty and post-warranty maintenance, eliminates downtime of agricultural machinery.
We are constantly improving our service system making it operational, convenient and accessible. The extensive dealer network allows us to provide prompt professional assistance in any region. Our service specialists are trained in the service and are constantly improving their skills.
We render the following services:
• commissioning and adjustment of equipment;
• machinery defect assessment;
• Placement into storage, preservation;
• repair and maintenance of machines during the warranty and post-warranty period;
• overhaul of equipment;
• on-site service;
• training of client's machine operators;
• machinery upgrade;
• installation of supplementary equipment.
Working with us, you will be able to receive an advanced range of maintenance and repair services.

Quality and availability of spare parts

We use only original spare parts, paying special attention to their quality. This increases the service life of the machinery. There is always a wide choice of spare parts, expendables and accessories available in a warehouse.
The dealer network of NAIR has a professional level in relation to the provision of spare parts, and provides any advice on their selection for NAIR agricultural machinery.

Product range

Within a short period of time from the moment of establishment, the Company has developed agricultural machines meeting the highest requirements of agricultural producers and introduced them into serial production. At the moment, the production site of NAIR manufactures grain and vegetable machinery.
Sowing machinery:
Pneumatic sowing complex DON 651
Mechanical grain seeder, DON 125
Mechanical grain seeder, DON 114
Vegetable Machinery:
Onion digger KL-10
Mounted mowing topper KBN-15
Device for application of micro granules
Drip irrigation band stacker

Company location region
Rostov Region
Legal and business address
1-Zh Lenina Av., Aksay, Aksay district, Rostov Region, 346720, Russian Federation
Manufacturer type
Small manufacturer
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