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Master Plit LLC

Master Plit is the largest producers of construction materials in the Far East. The company manufactures: basalt insulation that does really well in the severe climate of the Russian Far East; durable sandwich panels of multiple colors which are very popular in the construction industry; metal structures, such as building frames, thoroughly engineered and efficient; designing.

tons of product monthly
30 000
m3 panels monthly
tonnes of metalwork a month
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About manufacturer

Master Plit is a major production and sales complex with a thoroughly equipped manufacturing facility, maintenance services, and effective quality control procedures. The company seeks to expand its operations and boost relations with partners and customers.

The venture was founded in April 2004. Its first venue was selling sandwich panels with basalt heat insulation. But growing demand and expanding markets drove Master Plit to acquire its own production and storage facilities, as well as the latest equipment and delivery vehicles in 2006.

In 2007, the company launched the production and assembly of complex metal structures, and hired an engineering team for this division.

After the manufacturing unit was set up, Master Plit started working on major projects in the Far East:

  1. Construction of a water park in Kamchatka;
  2. Participated in the disaster relief efforts after the earthquake in Nevelsk (Sakhalin), rebuilding schools, train stations, and other structures);
  3. Sakhalin 1 and Sakhalin 2;
  4. Construction of the Eastern Siberia–Pacific Ocean oil pipeline (Skovorodino-Kozmino), particularly in the Khabarovsk-Kozmino part of the pipeline; its oil loading and distribution facilities, as well as the Kozmino port itself;
  5. Construction materials for the Zyryanka power plant;
  6. Other projects for the social and industrial infrastructure of the region.

In 2010, the management expanded the company’s operations by purchasing new equipment for production of stone wool. Within six months, Master Plit set up and launched the manufacturing of top quality basalt fiber insulation that meets the export criteria.

Today, Master Plit is one of the leading producers of construction materials in the Far East, manufacturing basalt fiber heat insulation, walling and roofing sandwich panels, metal siding, profiled sheets, metal structures, various non-structural components, and fixing hardware.

The latest equipment used by Master Plit in the manufacturing process allows the company to meet the most challenging deadlines. So we don’t need to build an extensive inventory, but can work out individual orders from customers. In the end, the client gets top quality product designed to meet their specific needs.

Master Plit, LLC, is the largest Far Eastern company that has its own supply and production base. It allows us to offer good prices. The company has in its inventory non-structural components and fixture elements; offers engineering and design services, as well as structure assembling. As a result, the customer doesn’t just get individual products, but a fully constructed project with all necessary documentation that is up to code.

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In three years, a new economic space was created in the Far East with over 100 priority development areas that keep attracting new investors.
Investments mean new construction. Today, investors from Western Russia and abroad don’t need to worry about designing and constructing buildings in the Far East. Master Plit from Khabarovsk to the rescue!


During its 13 years in the industry, Master Plit has proved itself as an effective production and sales complex with a thoroughly equipped manufacturing facility and highly qualified employees.
By constantly upgrading the equipment we can maintain top quality, meet the most challenging deadlines, while giving attention to each client.
The company offers the full cycle: drawing up design documents, passing the state review, getting the construction permit, manufacturing 80% of construction materials, construction and installation, getting the approval of the state construction authority, and commissioning. We also provide a 5-year structural warranty.
Another important factor is that Master Plit is well adjusted to the conditions of the Far East, we have experience in building different types of facilities of social, government, and business infrastructure almost everywhere in the Far East (agricultural complexes, entertainment centers, sports facilities, and shopping malls.)

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1A Mendeleeva, Khabrovsk, 680001
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