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Сertified manufacturer
Valid to 17.09.2019
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Trolza CJSC

Trolza, CJSC is the biggest Russian manufacturer of trolleybuses which is the only one who mass-produces dynamically charged electric buses.

Throughout its history, Trolza has produced over 66,000 trolleybuses which is, currently, a world record. As of today, the company has the capacity to produce 800 electric buses and trolleybuses per year. In 2013, Trolza has been recognized as the best exporting company among all Russian automobile vehicle producers. Today, the company's products operate in 85 cities of Russia, and 19 other countries. Trolza is the leader on the Russian and CIS markets with a share of 89%.

electric buses and trolleybuses manufactured per year
Exporting to 19 countries
trolleybuses produced

Trolza, CJSC has its own set of manufacturing facilities which include casting, mechanical processing, chassis works and assembly lines. The industrial park includes a business accelerator (total area of 1,535 sq.m.), production areas (12,000 sq.m.) and Greenfield Investment Area (100,600 sq.m.)

A wide variety of technical solutions and model on offer make Trolza the leader in producing and selling electric buses and trolleybuses in Russia.

The key goal of Trolza is to develop environmentally-friendly and green transportation. Environmental awareness and social commitment are the guiding principles in all terms, starting from the contemporary bio-design and widely applied nanotechnologies.

Industrial park

It incorporates a number of separate zones. First, there is a business accelerators with the total area of 1,535 sq.m. for over 20 small-sized enterprises, production area of 12,000 sq.m. and Greenfield Investment Zones (100,600 sq.m.)

Professional recognition

In 2013, Trolza has been named the best exporter of automobile vehicles by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.



Company location region
Engels, Saratov Region
Legal and business address
Industrial Zone of the 1st Microrayon, Engels, Saratov Region; 413105
Manufacturer type
Large Business
Valid to 17.09.2019
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