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M-Konstruktor (Bagnyuk V.N., Individual Entrepreneur)

M-Konstruktor is a metal working enterprise producing steel moulds and other equipment for manufacturing of precast concrete; cement storage silos and steel buildings of various purposes.

10 000
km – the farthest point of delivery
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About manufacturer

M-Konstruktor was established in 1995.

Our plant is specialized in manufacturing of the following products:

  • steel moulds and equipment for precast concrete elements widely applicable in civil and industrial construction;
  • silos for cement and other bulk materials;
  • metal structures for buildings and installations of various configurations.

M-Konstruktor Plant has achieved wide fame among the enterprises manufacturing concrete elements as a reliable supplier of high quality products.

In 2016 our Company entered into the world market and began exporting its products to the European and near-abroad countries. Currently, M-Konstruktor actively increases its export supplies. In 2017 our company was awarded with a diploma of the Fund for Guarantees and Business Development of the Pskov Region "For the expansion geography of exports".

High quality and wide range of the manufactured steel moulds for precast concrete have given us a possibility to extend the territory of supplies from the Barents Sea on the north to the Caspian Sea on the south, from the shores of France and the Netherlands on the west to the Kuril Islands on the east and embrace the whole territory of Russia, Eurasian and European Unions.

Using modern equipment (machine tools manufactured by the world leading companies ESAB, DURMA, PowerMAX, Ficep) in the work and high level of control over the projects to be implemented allow manufacturing metal structures of various degrees of complexity. We manufacture standard and non-standard metal works in accordance with the customers’ existing drawings or the drawings specially developed by our engineers.

The manufacturing sites of our Company are located in the city of Velikie Luki of Pskov Region, only 160 km from the border of the European Union. They include covered and open warehouse territories with the total area of 3,500 square meters additionally equipped with the crane installations; the machining workshop with the total area of 800 square meters reconstructed in 2018; the preassembly workshop with the total area of 2,100 square meters put into operation in 2016; and the assembly workshop with the total area of 2,200 square meters reconstructed in 2017. It is planned to construct a workshop with the placement of blast cleaning and paint equipment with the total area of 1,600 square meters.

In order to minimize the time of manufacturing of metal structures we ensure the minimum required stock balance of metal of different assortment on our warehouse in the amount of 1.5 tons.

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Company's Mission

The mission of M-Konstruktor is learning to use the newest technologies of the industrial branch; continuous improvement of quality and reliability of the manufactured products; and providing our partners with all things necessary for manufacturing of concrete goods.

Development Strategy

Development Strategy of our enterprise is oriented towards continuous qualitative growth of the production capacities and adoption of innovative technologies for manufacturing of metal products.


Many years’ experience, compliance with all current requirements of the industrial branch, constant striving for improvement of efficiency and reliability of the products have helped us to become reliable suppliers of the leading plants manufacturing concrete goods.

ISO Certification

In 2016 our Company was certificated in accordance with ISO-9001 international quality standard. The document confirm compliance of the manufactured products (manufacturing and processing of metal products as well as construction metal structures and other types of works) with the standards of GOST, ISO 9001-2011/ISO 9001:2008, IDT.

Recognition of the Professionals

- Since 2015 our enterprise is recognized by NK Rosneft, OJSC, as a reliable supplier and manufacturer of metal products and admitted to participation in procurement procedures.

- In March 2017 our Company was officially certificated by STNG, JSC (subsidiary of Gazprom) as an approved supplier of the following types of commodities and materials: metal structures and metal products (metal forms), power transmission line supports and metal structures.

- In 2017 M-Konstruktor Plant was awarded with a diploma of the Fund for Guarantees and Business Development of the Pskov Region "For the expansion geography of exports"

- Besides that, our Company obtained many letters of gratitude from the enterprises of the industrial branch and government officials.

Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
Certificate is valid until 05/21/2020
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Legal and business address
15 Novoseleninskaya Street, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, 182106
Details of the company
Company location region
Pskov Region, Velikie Luki
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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