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LLC «The “Ferex” Trade house»

«The “FEREX” Trade house» LLC is one of the biggest manufacturers of LED lamps in Russia. Capacities of the «FEREX» allow making up to 50 000 product units a month. The assortment includes over 100 types of LED lamps of various applications.

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About manufacturer

«The “FEREX” Trade house» LLC is one of the biggest manufacturers of LED lamps in Russia. The Company’s sites occupy the territory of over 17.5 ha, and the production facilities and office premises – over 20 000 square meters. Capacities of the “FEREX” allow making up to 50 000 units of products a month. The assortment includes over 100 types of LED lamps of various applications.

Beginning from 2002, the «Ferex» Trade house has been engaged in manufacturing metal cases of different complexity degree, in manufacture of metallic structures for telecommunication needs (boxes, staged and porch boxes, protective cabinets, cross equipment etc.). In 2010, a decision was taken about the beginning of manufacture of metal cases for LED lamps, and at the beginning of 2011 already, the first serial LED lamp of the «FEREX» brand was manufactured.

At present, the production facilities of the Company count over 20 000 m2. The «FEREX» Trade house has two production sites provided with modern lines and equipment.

Owing to that, the production localization degree reaches 80%, which exceeds the production flexibility of the plant.

Production capacities and the staff of highly-skilled design engineers and project engineers allow making products not being worse in quality than the European analogues. The assortment of «FEREX» includes over 100 types of LED lamps of various applications:

  • office and non-residential building lamps (series SSV, DVO);
  • industrial and commercial lamps (series DSP, DBU, DPP, DSO, FPL, FDL, FHB and other);
  • public facility lams (series DSB, DBO, FRL, FLL and other);
  • street and park lamps (series DKU, DVU, DTU, FSL, FBL, FGL, FWL, FFL, FLA and other).

Two design and engineering departments of highly-skilled engineers working in the end-to-end design system ProEngineer are engaged in development of lamps. Yearly, we create new models of lamps complying with modern needs of the market. Our possibilities allow developing and manufacturing lamps according to individual order. Own lighting engineering laboratory, to which a goniophotometer belongs, allows measuring the light distribution power of all the manufactured items and forming the ies-files for them. All the products of “FEREX” are tested both in the own and in independent laboratories, and have the required certificates.

At production of LED lamps, the key principle of “FEREX” is complied with – consistent high quality level at the affordable price level. All the production and administrative processes of the “TH “FEREX” LLC are tooled for implementation of that task.

To light their facilities, such companies as IKEA, Leroy Merlin, «Lenta», the «Kalashnikov» concern, «Gazprom», «Lukoil», «Tatneft», «Megaphone» and many other choose the products of the factory.

Production capacities, modern equipment and staff of highly-skilled development engineers allow «FEREX» manufacturing products which in quality are not worse than the European analogues, and the 80% localization level increases the production flexibility and gives additional guarantee.

Two production sites of the «Ferex» Trade house LLC occupy the territory of over 17.5 ha and premises over 20 000 square meters. The sites are provided with modern equipment:

  • two extrusion line for production of prismatic acryl;
  • automatic laser of metal cutting and cups for metal bending;
  • processing and turn-milling centers with numerical program control;
  • German and Spanish automated lines for LED lamp production;
  • two-operator painting line;
  • workshops for products assembly and packaging, and other hi-tech equipment.
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More details
Company’s mission

The mission of the TH «Ferex» consists in maximal satisfying the market of lighting by means of production of high-quality LED lamps at affordable prices, development of new products, reduction of products’ lead-time to the market, improvement of production capacity and improvement of production processes.

Modern production sites

On the 2 production sites of «FEREX», 15 workshops are located, equipped with modern machine-tools, assembly lines and office and non-residential premises. Safety and comfort of labor conditions and also group cohesion help to maintain low level of fluctuation of manpower.

Professionals’ recognition

The «Ferex» Trade house and products it produces have been prize-winners of prestige competitions since 2014: «Best 100 goods of Russia», «Priority: Import substitution» with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation, «Golden Photon», and other.

Training of staff from students

The Kazan State Energy University for half a century has been training the industry staff. «FEREX» collaborates closely with this educational institution, conducting seminars, excursions to its production sites, encouraging the talented students with grants of the TH «Ferex» foundation.

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Legal and business address
422624, Tatarstan, Laishevsky district, village Stolbishche, Sovkhoznaya St., house No. 4, building B
Phone (for free calls from regions of Russia)
8 800 500 09 16
E-mail (for press)
Details of the company
Company location region
Republic of Tatarstan
Manufacturer type
Medium manufacturer
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