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BONUM plant is a modern Russian production of semi-trailers-tanks. We produce gasoline tank trucks, bitumen trucks and cement carriers that comply with Russian and European quality standards.

semi-trailers-tanks produced and shipped in 2017
tank semi-trailers exported to CIS countries
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About manufacturer

The enterprise LLC «BONUM» produces semi-trailers-tanks for transportation of liquid and loose cargoes under the trade mark «BONUM».

Semi-trailers-tanks «BONUM» are in demand in the Russian and international markets due to their high quality and unique consumer properties.

The production of BONUM plant is equipped with new, modern equipment. The specialists of the production are highly qualified.

To date, the enterprise produces:

  • semitrailers-tanks BONUM for transportation of light oil products (gasoline)
  • semitrailers-tanks BONUM for transportation of dark petroleum products (bitumen)
  • semitrailers-tanks BONUM for transportation of bulk cargo (cement)

Design and technological solutions are developed by the plant’s engineers and are based on their many years of experience in the engineering industry and numerous studies.

Thanks to the improved design, BONUM technique stands up to the harshest climatic conditions, whether it is the sunny and hot weather of the south or the frosts of the Far North.

BONUM Advantages of BONUM semitrailers-tanks:

  • Adapted to harsh climatic conditions.
    BONUM are operated throughout the CIS, from the hot south to the Far North.
  • Extended warranty and service.
    After-sales customer service support on all issues.
  • Improved design.
    The reliability and strength of semi-trailers are increased without increasing the mass.
  • High ergonomic technique.
    Semi-trailer is comfortable for driver and operator.
  • Beautiful and resistant coating.
    Full shot blasting, priming and coloring with premium enamel.
  • High level of quality control.
    Each stage of production is strictly controlled.

The BONUM business card is a combination of an ideal painting made in 3 stages, European components and Italian plastic.

In 2016 and 2017 BONUM plant became the winner of numerous federal and regional contests: «The best goods of Don», «100 best goods of Russia» and «The Best Exporter of the Year», successfully passed the certification «Made on Don», received the sign «Russian Exporter» and the medal «Excellent worker of Quality», in 2018 the only one in Rostov region became a participant of the project «100 projects under the patronage of the RF CCI President».

BONUM tank semi-trailers. Quality. Reliability. Durability.

BONUM specialists develop and implement their own technologies, which are used in the production of BONUM semi-trailers-tanks.

The process of technology development is complex and time-consuming, it includes studying the practice of domestic and foreign manufacturers, visiting industrial enterprises, attracting foreign specialists, and interviewing users.

The results justify all efforts - for example, we managed to develop painting system that was recognized by the PPG laboratory as preserving the resistance for a minimum of 15 years.


Branded three-stage painting system «PRIME System 3S»:

  1. Preliminary treatment of the surface of the tank in an inhabited shotblasting chamber
    increases the coefficient of adhesion of the coating, its quality and durability.
  2. Painting with epoxy zinc-containing primer
    maximum resistance to corrosion, longer service life.
  3. Painting with a two-component enamel of European manufacture (120-250 microns)
    durable and beautiful coating, protection from aggressive environmental factors.

No less important achievement of our engineering staff is BONUM THERMO-S SYSTEM thermal insulation system for bitumen trucks, which allows the temperature of the cargo to be stored for a long time. In the Russian climate, the system proved to be indispensable.


BONUM THERMO-S SYSTEM – Innovative system for warming the bulb

  • Mineral wool of 150 mm – a layer of mineral wool of high density + a layer of reinforced aluminum foil. Replaces 225 mm of ordinary sheet of mineral wool;
  • Thermal insulation layer of 4 mm – is made on the basis of asbestos and rubbers. It has very low thermal conductivity. Isolates the outer skin from the bulb of the semitrailer, which prevents loss of heat;
  • Shielding heat insulator of 5 mm – consists of reinforced aluminum foil and polyethylene with a closed-porous structure. It does not absorb moisture and prevents condensation.
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Company location region
Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don
Legal and business address
344091, Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don, Peskova Str. , 1/2/169A / 3, letter «D», room 48
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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