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Limited Liability Company TH GraSS

GRASS - Russia’s leading Manufacturer of professional chemistry and car care products, detergents for the cleaning business and household chemicals. We are present in more than 55 countries and every region of Russia. The main consumers of our products - car wash stations, transport companies and service stations, food and industrial production, cleaning companies, catering, hotels, and retail and Network shops. We produce unique products, control the quality and at the same time offer competitive prices and terms of cooperation. Constant contact with the customer and an individual approach to each client - our indisputable advantage.

>50 000
Over 50000 ton per year
>3 000
Over 3000 product names
Over 55 importers countries
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About manufacturer

Production shop creating goods for touchless car washing, car care products and detergents for professional use. The production capacity in 2016 was more than 60 000 tons.

The area of production is more than 3 000 m2. Each section is divided into two zones: the component loading area and the filling zone. Mixers located in the loading zone are filled with components according to a strictly defined program.

Significant importance is attended to the quality of water that passes through several stages of purification: softening, deferrization, purification from organic impurities. All processes are performed by using a special high-end equipment, which allows to carry out with high precision dosing substances.

When the loading and mixing processes are over, created samples go to production laboratory where process engineer is checking them for compliance with the declared quality indicators.

Only after complete and thorough check a product moves on to a certain filling lines depending on its purpose and features. Two of them are responsible for filling of cans up to 1 L volume and reach the capacity of 1.200 / h each. Whereas the filling line for the can volume 5-20 kg ensures the capacity of 10.000 L/h.

The special line of titan is designed for filling up to 2.000 cans with such active chemicals as acids or alcali per hour. Nearby there is a load panel for aggressive components based on solvents and abrasive substances. In 2016 GRASS was first to launch a production line for gel air freshener.

Our laboratory is equipped with facilities of the highest international quality. Highly qualified laboratory specialists are working on the creation of new products. At the moment in the laboratory, technology developers are working under the guidance of a research engineer.

GRASS Research Center is divided into three zones: an office training hall and a research laboratory. Every year, GRASS technologists are being trained not only in Russia but also abroad, what allows the company to keep abreast of the world’s leading developments in the field of detergents, ahead of competitors and create high-quality products.

Leading Russian producer of car wash and car care products, detergents for professional cleaning and household products.

GRASS regularly organizes international forums, training workshops, strategic sessions for company employees, dealers and partners in Russia and abroad.

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Company mission

GRASS mission is to create an environment, where people feel happy, do what they love and share their emotions through projects, products and services.

Sustainable development

Our consultants are world producers of raw materials, such as BASF, CRODA, LG, CP Kelco, AkzoNobel, WACKER, Huntsman, Evonik, Bang & Bosomer, NORKEM, Caustic. Also as a part of corporate university, theoretical and practical chemistry classes for all employees of the company are conducted in the classroom.

Aworded by professionals

In 2017 GRASS was awarded as the best exporter of the year of Volgograd Region.

Certificate is valid until 11/12/2020
Legal address
400012, Russia, Volgograd region, Volgograd city, Rokossovskogo str., 41
Factory address
404143, Russia, Volgograd region, Srednyaya Akhtuba, Promyshlennaya str., 12
Postal address
404132 , Russia, Volgograd region, Volzhskiy city, 40 let Pobedy str., 51, p/o box 241
Details of the company
Company location
Russia, Volgograd region
Manufacturer type
Large manufacturer
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