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Kuban Vino LLC

Kuban Vino is one of Russia’s major wine manufacturers that owns two production centers in Temryuk and in Starotitarovskaya, Krasnodar Region. The company is currently planning to build a new production facility and a wine science and tourism center in Anapa, as well as to expand its Chateau Tamagne retail network and to increase its total vineyard area to 11 thousand hectares.

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About manufacturer

The Kuban Vino winery was founded in 1956, and in 2003, it became part of the Ariant Holding Company. It owns two production centers in Temryuk and in Starotitarovskaya, Krasnodar Region. The Temryuk manufacturing facility was purchased in 2016, which allowed the company to increase its total production to 96 million bottles that year. The company is currently planning to build a new vinery near the town of Anapa increasing the total production to 110 million bottles per year.

The winery markets its wines under brand names Chateau Tamagne, ARISTOV and Kuban Vino. It uses modern European-made production equipment, and the quality control process is managed by experts of the Italian oenology consulting company Enofly. Trademark ARISTOV, launched in 2015, is a joint project by Kuban Vino and Enofly that focuses on sparkling wines that are very close in their properties to the famous Prosecco wines. At the beginning of 2017, ARISTOV introduced its new product Cuvee Alexandre Blanc de Noir that received positive feedback from both domestic and international wine critics and experts at wine-tasting competitions. In spring 2017, ARISTOV began producing still wines. Wines marketed under the Kuban Vino trademark are a combination of affordable prices and stable quality valued by many customers.

Chateau Tamagne is the winery’s premium brand that combines the best of the Russian and Europeans enological experience and know-how. Chateau Tamagne offers a range of single-origin and blended ordinary and vintage wines, both still and sparkling. The latter kind is produced by either the traditional ‘champagne’ method or by the Martinotti-Charmat method. The Chateau Tamagne trademark is one of the most prominent success stories in the Russian wine-making industry. 

Chateau Tamagne wines take part in domestic and international wine-tasting competitions every year and keep winning quality recognition awards. From 2009 to 2017, Kuban Vino LLC has won over 500 of industry awards.

Kuban Vino LLC has its own source of raw materials. Farming company Yuzhnaya (part of wine-production holding Ariant) possesses 124,29 sq.km. of land on Taman peninsula and near Anapa. Fruit-bearing vineyards occupy 77,50 sq.km and produce about 100 varieties of grapes, including 36 table and industrial varieties as well as experimental varieties grown in special test areas. According to the three-year planting plan, over 25,97 sq.km of additional vineyards will be planted between 2017 and 2019. One of those is the vineyard launched in April 2017 in Temryuk region of the Krasnodar Territory, which is the biggest high-tech lining-out grape nursery in Russia with capacity of 3 million plants a year with a possible increase to double of the capacity. Additionally, the holding is planning to purchase about 20 sq.km of farming land on Taman peninsula in Krasnodar Territory in 2017.

Kuban Vino LLC is also actively developing tourism in the region. In 2017, it launched an updated program of wine tours in Krasnodar Region. It has made some improvements to the tour package it was offering earlier. Now the program is based on the all-included principle covering transportation, meals and tours to vineyards. In addition to standard tours, the program also offers unusual ways to enjoy wine, such as hot air balloon trips over the vineyards, a night at a ‘wine’ casino, a lesson in wine painting.

Kuban Vino LLC obtained a patent for proprietary technology of producing sparkling wines from the Eurasian Patent Organization. The patent is valid in Russia and the CIS countries.

The Yuzhnaya farming enterprise that is also part of the Ariant Holding Company manages Russia’s largest vine nursery with the current capacity of producing 3 million transplants per year. The company plans to double its capacity in the future.

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High-quality wines

We see our duty is offering our customers only high-quality wines that are up to the most stringent food safety requirements.

Certificate is valid until 11/28/2019
Legal and business address
Factory Street., 2, Starotitarovskaya, Krasnodar Territory, 353531
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Starotitarovskaya village, Temryuk district, Krasnodar region
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Large Business
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