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Kenguru LLC

KENGURU.PRO is the world leader in manufacturing high-quality workout equipment.

projects all over the world
100 000
of athletes tested our workout equipment
years of work
qrcode: Kenguru LLC
About manufacturer

Street workout is an amateur sport that involves doing exercises at street sports grounds.

KENGURU.PRO is the world leader in manufacturing high-quality workout equipment.

KENGURU.PRO advocates a healthy lifestyle and promotes interest towards street sports among young people.

We use only the most advanced tried and tested metal processing technology and top-notch sturdy materials.

We use our own patented technology when manufacturing horizontal bar connection nodes (clamps) that can handle 10 times average human body weight.

The key distinguishing qualities of OUR equipment are its functionality, reliability and design!

All our sports grounds follow international quality and safety standards and are TUV- and WSWCF-certified.

We have updated all the metal processing technologies, began to use state-of-the-art materials, perfected horizontal bar connection nodes – clamps. In 2016, we expanded the range of sports equipment: street workout grounds for the disabled, street workout equipment for gyms, horizontal bars for home and office. All of the new products can be found her.

KENGURU.PRO promotes a healthy lifestyle and street sports. Our equipment functions as a trend-setter and sparks young people’s interest towards street sports. We don’t just build sports grounds – we create a fun place where people like to spend time and come back again and again.

Our street workout equipment has been tested in the Arctic Circle, high in the mountains, in extreme weather conditions in Siberia, in the Caribbean, in the UAE, at the Spanish and French seaside.

Most importantly, our equipment is not only for professional athletes.

It can be used by anyone regardless of their age and gender.

Exercises that involve using different types of push-up and pull-up bars and your own body weight are one of the best for all muscle groups.

In 2016 we designed special workout equipment for people with disabilities.

Workout grounds easily become part of the cityscape and attract young people who come there to work out and have fun in their free time.

Workout equipment can be installed and used in:

  • public places, parks and near residential buildings;
  • schools and universities;
  • military academies;
  • fitness studios;
  • hotels;
  • gyms;
  • private cottages.

KENGURU.PRO is the official sponsor of Street Workout World Cup, Street Workout World Championship and World Pull-up Day organized by World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation.

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Legal and business address
119048, Moscow, 62 Usacheva St., rooms 1-9
Details of the company
Company location region
Moscow, Russia
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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