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Kalancha LLC

Kalancha conducts research and development of its own technological solutions and equipment for fire extinguishing. One of its main venues is the production of the BiZone powder fire extinguishers and Geizer power pumps.
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About manufacturer

Kalancha was founded in 1993, and is now the leader on the Russian market of fire extinguishers.

The company has a highly developed infrastructure and specializes in:

  • production of unique fire extinguishing equipment;
  • development of cutting edge fire extinguishing equipment;
  • engineering and installation of automated fire extinguishing systems.

One of the venues for Kalancha is the production of the BiZone powder fire extinguishers. It is a revolutionary approach to fire extinguishing, when the source of fire is eradicated with a mix of fire extinguishing powder and gas. BiZone sets could be used for extinguishing large scale fires, both inside and outside. Since 1999, we’ve gotten over 20 patents for different applications of this technology.

Kalancha products are often used in the oil and gas industry (i.e. in the oil storage facilities and loading decks), infrastructure (paint spray and drying booths, substations, garages, archive facilities, etc.), law enforcement and military buildings, as well as motor vehicles.

There is also a large network of well-equipped regional service centers with qualified and certified staff.

Among Kalancha’s clients are companies like Rosneft, Lukool, Gazprom, Gazprom Neft, Sibur, Nornikel, NLMK, Rosatom, RZD, FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Treasury, Central Bank, and many others.

Kalancha is the first company in the world to develop and implement the powder fire extinguishing technology. It is a revolutionary approach to fire extinguishing, when the source of fire is eradicated with a mix of fire extinguishing powder and gas. BiZone sets could be used for extinguishing large scale fires, both inside and outside.

Kalancha was founded in 1994. Its main objective is to implement innovative technological solutions for the highest level of fire safety and minimize financial risks. The research division of Kalancha is largely involved in this mission, its specialists develop new fire extinguishing solutions and upgrade the existing ones. Some of projects are done in cooperation with the Russian Emergencies Ministry.

The company’s innovations are internationally recognized and patented in Russia, Europe, North and South America, as well as Asian countries. The company has gotten over 20 patents since 1999.

All company’s operations comply with the Russian State Standard/ISO 9001:2015.

The latest equipment, strictly regulated processes, quality control for purchased materials and components, guarantee top quality product.

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Among the clients of Kalancha are such companies and government bodies as Rosneft, Lukoil, Gazprom Neft, GAZPROM, SIBUR, Norilsk Nickel, NLMK, VSMPO-AVISMA, EVRAZ Group, UMMC-Holding, Mechel, Metalloinvest Holding, Rosatom State Corporation enterprises, Russian Railways, Ministry of Defense, Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Federal Protective Service, Courts, Pension Fund of Russia, Treasury of Russia, Bank of Russia.

Product line

Kalancha produces the following products:
BiZone powder fire extinguishers
Geyser power pumps, both portable and for towing.

List of innovative and high-tech products and technologies

The Commission for Innovative High-Tech Products and Technologies of the Agency for Innovations of the City of Moscow verified that Kalancha products meet the criteria for including them into the List of Innovative and High-Tech Products and Technologies.

High quality standards

It is not only the safety of the material possessions of our customers, but also people's lives that depend on the quality of fire fighting equipment. Modern equipment, strict standards of production processes, and inspection of raw materials and components ensure consistently high quality of production.

Company Services

Kalancha provides comprehensive support and consulting services to organizations on any issues related to the introduction of the BiZone powder fire extinguishers. Within several business days, the following information is provided:

- Technological calculations and rationale behind the proposed number of fire extinguishers

- Placement of the fire extinguishers

- Consult and train the personnel in engineering simulation and determining the optimal location for the fire extinguishers

Kalancha has many successful years of experience in the field of designing low-current systems and fire-extinguishing systems, both using its self-produced equipment and equipment by other manufacturers.

Maintenance service

Kalancha is committed to providing access to quality service and the full range of BiZone fire extinguishers maintenance services to all customers, regardless of their location. For this purpose, a network of regional service centers is being actively developed. Within the shortest possible period of time, the service center will perform all the routine maintenance or recharge your BiZone fire extinguishers.

Company history

1994: founding of Kalancha LLC

1998: fire extinguishing method and compound patented

2002: fire extinguishing method for reservoirs patented

2012: technical specifications for reservoir fire protection for the Fire Safety Research Institute of Russia's Emergency Ministry and the Voluntary People's Guard of Russia's Emergency Ministry approved.

2013: creation of the world's first automatic powder fire extinguishing system used to protect 2 reservoirs with diesel fuel

2014: Russian State Standard 56028 СП 155.13130 received for powder fire extinguishing systems


2003 – 2009: testing in the laboratory and at the production facility

2010-2012 : in-situ testing on a reservoir at the Emergencies Ministry testing facility

In 2010, the company conducted a successful in-site training of the BiZone fire extinguisher at the Orenburg branch of the Russian Emergencies Ministry, putting out fire on a mockup of the RVS 5000 reservoir.

In 2011, Kalancha successfully tested its technology on a mockup of the RVS 2000 reservoir.

Company Standardization

All operations and quality standards are in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

Eco-friendly and safe

The acting agent in the BiZone fire extinguishers is a mix of ammonium phosphate and carbon dioxide. It is a neutral chemical that doesn’t react with oil and oil based products, so they can be used after fire is extinguished.

In regular humidity, it doesn’t affect structural components, equipment, metal, paper, cardboard, painted surfaces. Unlike potassium chloride based powder, it doesn’t cause corrosion of metal surfaces.

The powder is dielectric and can be used for extinguishing fire of power structures (up to 36 V.)

As far as risks for the human body are concerned, it is a moderately hazardous substance – category 3 in the Russian State Standard. Ammonium phosphate is safe for the environment.

Recommended by experts

The state commission on innovative technological solutions recognized Kalancha’s products and included the following items in its list:

- Powder fire extinguisher (МГПП 110 - СО2 - 30 -РХ - АВСЕ - У2)

- Powder fire extinguisher (МПП (Н) - 8 - КД - 1 - БСГ - У2)

- Powder fire extinguisher (МПП 9Н) -7,5 - КД - 1 - 3 - У2)

- Power pump (МП 20/100)

- Power pump (МП 40/100)

Certificate is not valid until 12/12/2018
Certificate is not valid until 12/12/2018
Certificate is not valid
Legal and business address
22/1 Zheleznodorozhnaya, Sergiev Posad, Moscow Region, 141313
Details of the company
Company location region
Moscow Region
Manufacturer type
Medium producer
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