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JSC Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ)

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant is a Russian manufacturer of new-generation rolling stock, the industry leader in the CIS. The plant is the main production facility of RPC “United Wagon Company”.

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Detail information

The new generation TVSZ freight cars were designed at All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology (a subsidiary of the railway holding RPC “United Wagon Company”).

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Доп. информация
TVSZ is the main production facility of RPC “United Wagon Company”

Research and production corporation “United Wagon Company” is the leading innovative manufacturer in the 1520 mm gauge area. The railway holding includes Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant, TikhvinChemMash, TikhvinSpetsMash, NPC “Springs”, transport company UNICON 1520 and the leasing companies under the RAIL1520 brand, as well as the car-repair enterprise TAP Titran-Express. The holding’s research activities are supervised by All-Union Research and Development Centre for Transportation Technology.


RPC “United Wagon Company” has unique industry-specific expertise in its field and owns world-level production assets. Powerful design capabilities, global access to components of other standards, an agile and effective manufacturing structure as well as the readiness to make build-to-suit freight cars for any client and any gauge are the pillars supporting the Company’s success.
Uniwagon North America Corp. (New Jersey) represents RPC “United Wagon Company” in the U.S., fulfilling the railway holding’s plan to bring its products to the North American market.
The Company’s products are popular with consumers in North America, Europe, Africa and Middle East.

Collaboration with global leaders

RPC “United Wagon Company“ runs joint ventures with Wabtec Corp. and Timken, global suppliers of hi-tech railroad products.

Compliance with international standards

Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant was recognised as compliant with ISO/TS 22163:2017, the new international railway quality management system standard in 2017. The TVSZ products are also certified in accordance with the AAR requirements.

Company location region
Leningrad Region, Tikhvin
Legal and business address
187556, Leningrad Region, Tikhvin District, Tikhvin, Promploschadka area, 6, building 1, office 207
Manufacturer type
Large Business
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