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HaloPolymer Perm, Joint-Stock Company (HaloPolymer Perm, JSC)

HaloPolymer Perm, JSC is one of the largest chemical enterprises in Russia. It manufactures more than a hundred items of organic and inorganic chemical products, including from 50 to 100% of unique products manufactured in Russia: hydrogen fluoride, freon-14, 22, 125, 318, chemical reagents, hydrofluoric acids, various fluoroplastics and their products

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About manufacturer

One of the largest manufacturers of fluoropolymer products, supplying 9% of their total output to the world market;

Leading Russian manufacturer of fluoroplastics and their products - more than 80% of the domestic market;

A wide range and high quality of products allows to cooperate with many companies in Russia, post-Soviet states, and foreign partners from Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Hungary, Poland, USA, Canada, Turkey, China, Korea, Brazil, Italy, Romania , Vietnam, the Netherlands, Japan and other countries.

The company is the only domestic manufacturer in Russia producing freons and is one of the leaders in the manufacture of inorganic chemical products (acids, alkalis, salts), making a significant contribution to the development of the country’s chemical sector.

The industrial site of HaloPolymer Perm, JSC covers an area of 1.43 sq. km. The greatest length from the South - West to the North - East is about two kilometers. The enterprise has processing shops and auxiliary shops and services providing uninterrupted supply of energy, cold, circulating water, electricity, and other types of energy.

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Main company mission of HaloPolymer Perm, JSC is to produce high-tech fluorine chemicals minimizing the environmental impact on the environment, in accordance with Russian and international law. Considering the public interest and caring for the welfare of the company staff.

Recognition of professionals

HaloPolymer Perm, JSC was recognized as the economy leader in 2017 for achieving leading positions in the industry and contribution to the development of Russian economy, which is confirmed by the data from the Russian statistics agencies and the audit results of the Elite of the Nation socio-economic project.

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Registered office and business address
98 Lasvinskaya St, Perm, 614042
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Details of the company
Company location
Perm Territory, city of Perm
Manufacturer type
Manufacturing company
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