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Construction materials

Construction materials

Bricks, concrete blocks, roofing material, tiles, glass, fiberglass. Russia’s export of construction materials yielded $488 million in H1 2017.

The export of construction materials is increasing annually, not only due to increases in volume but also to the diversification of products. Russia mainly exports asphalt, mineral wool, glass wool, asbestos cement and fiber cement products, paving and facing tiles, firebricks, building blocks and slabs, glass fiber and its derivatives, flame polished glass, we well as ground and polished glass. Speaking of glass: glass exports from Russia have tripled in the last four years. Today, Russia is among the world’s top five exporters of this goods. Russia is also one of the globe’s largest exporters of bitumen roofing materials.

New generations of construction materials such as composite materials are getting very popular. They broadly fall into three categories, i.e. fiberglass plastic, carbon-fiber composite materials and basalt fiber reinforced polymer. All three types are produced in Russia and are up to the international quality standards.

TechnoNICOL is one of Russia’s major construction material companies. The company boasts 51 production facilities located in 7 different states, 10 of them in Russia. TechnoNICOL’s Khabarovsk branch, for example, produces 750 thousand cubic meters of materials annually. It was chosen to be the main supplier of thermal insulation materials for a major Canadian manufacturer of sandwich panels in October 2016. TechnoNICOL successfully completed the project, even though the production site had only been online for a month and had not yet reached its full design capacity.

Main importers of the Russian construction materials are CIS counties, especially Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, and Belarus, as well as Europe and China. The list of importing countries keeps growing, in part thanks to the efforts of the Russian Export Center.

Exporter Manufacturer Certificate
issue date
valid date
Industry OKVED Region
RE.19.000226 01/26/2019 01/25/2021

140301, Moscow Region, Egorievsk, Profsoyuznaya str. 34, room 33B
RosTurPlast, LLC RosTurPlast, LLC 01/16/2018 01/15/2020

140326, Russia, the Moscow Region, Yegoryev District, Lelechi, h. 47
Ogneza LLC Ogneza LLC
RE.17.000151 09/26/2018 09/25/2020

Office 2, room 1, 31Б Altufyevskoe sh., Moscow, 127410
Master Plit LLC Master Plit LLC 11/09/2017 11/08/2019

1A Mendeleeva, Khabrovsk, 680001
RostovCompozit LLC RostovCompozit LLC 11/09/2017 11/08/2019

Rostov-on-Don 6 Vtoraya Lugovaya, Rostov Region, Rostov-on-Don, 344002
M-Shtamp LLC M-Shtamp LLC 10/31/2017 10/31/2019

432010, 78-32 Brestskaya Street, Ulyanovsk
Svobodny Sokol LLC Svobodny Sokol LLC 10/16/2017 10/15/2019

1 Zavodskaya sq., Lipetsk, Russia, 398007
INTERSCOL-Alabuga JSC INTERSCOL-Alabuga JSC 09/18/2017 09/17/2019

29 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, the Moscow Region; 141400
The SINIKON Company LLC The SINIKON Company LLC 09/18/2017 09/17/2019

11 Promyshlennaia St., Troitsk, Moscow, 142191, Russia
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