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Alternativa, LLC

Alternativa is one of the leading enterprises in Russia and CIS that engage in a set of operations to design and manufacture the full range of metal structures and components for hinged ventilated façades.

years in the market
thousand sq. m. of façade systems per month
million sq. m. of façade systems over the years of operations
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About manufacturer

The guaranteed reliability and durability of its operation practices is proven with a fifteen-year experience, broad geographical relevance of supplies and more than 50 million square meters of façades that have been installed with the use of the constructed façade systems, including different types of cladding materials.

Alternativa, LLC has produced more than 50 million square meters of façade systems over its fifteen-year existence.

The company has held a leading position in the production of hinged ventilated façade systems for many years of operations.

Its geographic reach extends over all regions across Russia from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk to Kaliningrad plus exports to Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, and Abkhazia.

The company runs a vehicle fleet of its own enabling prompt deliveries to any domestic and CIS destination points.

The three pillars Alternativa firmly rests upon as Russia’s major supplier of hinged ventilated façade systems are reliability, durability, and cost efficiency.

Alternativa, LLC owns a chain of production facilities, including metal work, rolling, stamping and coating divisions. The company’s assets, including its production, processing and storage sites, cover a total area of more than 40 thousand square meters.

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All products by Alternativa, LLC hold certificates and all necessary permits to be used in construction across the Russian Federation and they cover the mandatory requirements of construction, sanitary, fire, environmental, and other safety standards adopted in compliance with the applicable laws.

Expert Team

The company boasts a close-knit team of professionals, whose great experience and high skills are leading to simple solutions to handle the toughest challenges. Its senior engineers and designers are continuously improving the components of the systems that enhance their performance characteristics, with a lower cost of the hinged ventilated façades per sq. m.

Certificate is valid until 06/14/2020
Registered address
2А, Vostochoye Highway, Tryokhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region
2А, Vostochoye Highway, Tryokhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region
1, Zarechnaya Street, Tryokhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region
1/11, Zarechnaya Street, Tryokhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region
Details of the company
Region of the company's location
Tryokhgorny, Chelyabinsk Region
Manufacturer type
Medium-sized business
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