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Altai Agricultural Machinery Plant JSC

The plant is one of the country's leading manufacturers of agricultural soil-tilling equipment marketed under the VELES brand.

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About manufacturer

The plant is an industry-recognized producer of high-quality reliable disc harrows, medium and heavy harrows, hitches, chisel cultivators and other equipment, selling over 900 units of soil-tilling machinery annually.

The plants keeps expanding the range of its soil-tilling equipment to cater to the needs of Russia’s regions located in different climate zones. The plant has powerful production capacities ensured by modern equipment and efficient production workflows. The enterprise is always on the lookout for new technological solutions and manufacturing innovations to help drive its development.

In 2005, the plant began development of the new generation of wide-span agricultural implements, and serial production of heavy-duty harrows spanning 15 to 26 meters was launched as early as in 2006. In 2017, the plant launches 8 new implements including the multifunctional trailed lifter with 2x4m disc harrows and the seed drill combination unit with pneumatic distribution of the seeds and fertilizer.

Today, the company’s product range includes over 45 units and is regularly upgraded to meet the farmers’ needs. Among these are disc harrows, medium and heavy harrows, chisel cultivators spike harrows, spring harrows, hitches, cultivators and other equipment.

The plant has powerful production capacities ensured by its modern equipment and efficient production workflows covering the complete machine-building cycle.

Altai Agricultural Machinery Plant is Russia's leading manufacturer of agricultural soil-tilling equipment. A network of 46 dealers in Russia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ensures fast and timely spare parts supply and maintenance services.

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Quality standards

All VELES equipment undergoes a rigorous quality assurance process that spans from quality controls of materials and parts received from the plant’s suppliers to test-runs of ready machines. Every VELES machine design is tested at the Altai State Machine-testing Facility and certified for compliance with the state quality standards.

Upgrade Policy

The plant runs a continuous upgrade program for its equipment and production facilities. New systems and solutions are implemented every year. Among the plant’s important policies is lean production approach. In 2017, the plan ran a full reconstruction of the spraying shop and introduced a continuous production line.

Research and Design

The plant’s R&D department is one of the main pillars of the VELES brand. The department is overseeing the entire production cycle from the first drafts to serial manufacturing. A team of in-house R&D experts is a huge benefit that allows to fine-tune and further develop any product to fit any end customer needs.

Operation and Maintenance Service

Operation and Maintenance service helps customers put the purchased VELES machinery into operation and responds to any calls for assistance related to its performance.

Wide Distribution Network

The company has a wide network of dealers operating in more than forty of Russia’s regions, as well as abroad in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, giving the plant yet another significant advantage on the market.

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Legal and business address
659001, 1a Pervomayskaya Street, Pavlovsk, Altai Region
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Pavlovsk, Altai Region
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Joint Venture
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