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Valid to 17.09.2019
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Vologda Ice-cream LLC

Iceberry is one of Russia's leaders in ice-cream production. It owns brands Filevskoye, Vologda Plomir, Pearl of Russia and Father Frost's Ice-cream.

The company is Moscow’s largest ice-cream producer accounting for 27% of the city’s market and the country’s leader of ice-cream production in terms of volume (in tons). Iceberry-branded ice-cream is exported to the CIS countries, Israel, China and some African countries.

The company grew out of Moscow’s two oldest cold storage facilities, i.e. the Service-Holod JSC (Cold Storage Facility No. 10) and Ice Fili JSC (Cold Storage Facility No. 8). Today, the two plants production capacity reaches 90 thousand tons per year.

The company has a well-developed supporting infrastructure that allows timely delivery of its frozen products to over 62 thousand locations across the country. The company has over 40 thousand units of refrigerating equipment, freezing warehouses with the capacity to store over 10 thousand tons of products, and over 300 refrigerated trucks.

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Fully automated production lines ensure full quality control at all stages of ice cream production from initial equipment preparation to transportation of ready products.

Iceberry is one of the few ice-cream producers in the world that use only fresh milk for ice-cream production.
The company’s history

The company dates back to 1937 when Cold Storage Facility No. 8, the Soviet Union’s first cold storage facility, was launched in Moscow’s Fili district.

The company’s partners

Iceberry’s partners include Auchan, Billa, METRO, Aeroflot and the Russian government.


In 2013, 2014 and 2016 Iceberry was on the Russia’ 100 Best Products list, and in 2016, it won the Best Product for Children award.


In 2017, the company launched production of yogurts, cottage cheese and milk. The company is also rapidly developing its HoReCa division. By now, it has secured number one position on the domestic ice-cream caterers market for cafes and restaurants and has over 1200 clients.

New trading channels

The company already runs 430 ice-cream locations in Moscow and it exploring new opportunities. In a pilot project, it has installed 80 outdoor ice-cream vending machines in the Russian capital.


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160021, 87 Klubova Street, Vologda
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Large Enterprise
Valid to 17.09.2019
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