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Сertified manufacturer
Valid to 15.10.2019
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Klin Snack LLC

Klin Snack is one of the most recognized and appreciated snack manufacturers among Russian people. The company's products include such snacks as croutons, nuts, seafood bites and so on.

The company produces and wholesale distributes snacks under the Klyni trademark.

Klin Snack was established in 1996. Since 2002, the rapidly developing company has been one of the top three snack producers in Russia. With factories in Russia and Ukraine, Klin Snack reliably maintains its operations and conducts trade in the CIS countries.

Klin Snack’s products owe their superb quality to first-rate ingredients (unique bread recipes, food additives from leading German and British companies, iodized salt, and olive oil).

High quality is also achieved through close control over all the ingredients and packaging. Klin Snack conducts both in-house research and independent lab studies. The best quality control mechanisms over the entire manufacturing process are in place, which eliminates any potential hazardous factors. The last stage of quality control is inspecting the ready packaged product. Every year the company goes through external audit by certification authorities and audit firms as required by retail companies and distributors.

Klin Snack’s operations comply with European standards. With its advanced manufacturing process, the company can proudly present its products on the Russian market and internationally.

large national retail companies as distributors
Russian regions sell Klin Snack products
years on the market

The packaging is designed to hold air to prevent the snacks from crumbling. The transparent “window” allows customers to see what’s inside, and resealable packaging adds to the convenience. The unusual and bold design caters to the preference of the key demographic, young people from 16 to 34.

Klin Snack's mission is to provide customers with delicious high-quality goods.

Klin Snack won a number of national prizes and awards, including the 2007 Goods of the Year award in Nuts and Croutons categories.


Klin Snack products are sold in over 100 major retail chains, including Auchan, SPAR, METRO Cash and Carry, and Billa.

International certification

The company’s production facility is certified for compliance with the Russian norms as well as ISO 22000-2007, ISO/TS 22002-1, ISO 19011, and HACCP standards.

Innovative design

Based on research for each demographic, Klin Snack introduced new products and updated the packaging design.


The company is willing to provide distribution support in a variety of ways, from flexible approach to working with distributors to dealing with consumers.


Company location region
Lakinsk, Vladimir Region
Legal and business address
601243, Vladimir Region, Lakinsk, 44 Lenina Prospekt, office 12
Manufacturer type
Small Business


Valid to 15.10.2019
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