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Сertified manufacturer
Valid to 28.11.2019
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Aidigo LLC

Aidigo is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of fireweed, spices and seasonings. Aidigo means 100% natural products, innovative solutions and active promotion on the market.

Aidigo is an expert in fireweed. We offer “Russian tea” in various forms: loose leaves, tea bags, individual sachets, compressed, gift boxes. Our 2017 innovation: carbonated fireweed tea.

The leader of the fireweed market in Russia (43% according to Nielsen, March 2017)
Deliveries to 300 cities in Russia
importing country

Aidigo is one of Russia’s leading manufacturers of spices, seasonings and fireweed. 

  • Established in 1999
  • Aidigo manufactures a total of over 100 tons of products a month
  • Certification: ISO 22000:2005 and ISO 9001-2011
  • Thorough supplier oversight and lab analysis to ensure quality
  • Logistics: deliveries within Russia and abroad. 
Geography: over 300 cities in Russia, as well as China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Aidigo has its own production facilities and professional tasting center, which enables it to create truly unique and innovative products.
Our mission

We are a team of professionals equipped with innovative technology. We make your world delicious. We love our job and we want you and your family to enjoy exquisite, diverse and natural tastes of high-quality spices from all over the world.

Our values

Superb quality;
Expert stability;


Aidigo products have received a number of ProdExpo awards.
“Lingonberry and Chamomile” fireweed teabags: 2016 ProdExpo Silver Award in the Innovative Composition category “Honey Savior” fireweed sachets: 2017 ProdExpo Silver Award in the Innovative Consumption category.


Company location region
Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk Region
Legal and business address
620049, Yekaterinburg, 37 Komsomolskaya St., Office 207/1
Business address
623704, Sverdlovsk Region, Berezovsky, Rezhevskoi Trakt, 15 km, Plot No. 4
Manufacturer type
Small Business
Valid to 28.11.2019
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