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Retaining wall steel moulds

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Retaining wall steel moulds from M-Konstruktor allow producing the parts of retaining walls at the construction site or next to it.
The requirements to shapes and sizes of reinforcement and concrete grade differ depending on the construction site.
For example, in the case of 1.2 to 4.8 meter high retaining walls for granular products heavy concrete is used, while for hydraulic engineering installations concreate that can withstand severe environmental conditions and protect reinforcement from aggressive exposure is applied.
The steel mould is placed on a vibrating table and is treated with a composition that prevents the concrete from sticking. Then reinforcement is introduced, and the mould is poured with concrete.
The concrete is compacted with the vibrating table and vibrators placed on the special platforms.
When concrete is of the stripping strength, the clamps are unlocked, and the top parts are removed. To facilitate the dismantling, all moulds are fitted with drop sides.
Precast concrete retaining walls are heavy solid structures. To produce the retaining walls of the required quality, the steel moulds shall be of excess strength, with smooth surface, and easy-to-use, which is ensured by M-Konstruktor’s products to the full.
Valid to /05/21/2020/
Valid to /05/21/2020/
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Production Region
Pskovskaja oblast
Country of Import
Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania
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Legal and business address
15 Novoseleninskaya Street, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, 182106
Company location region
Pskov Region, Velikie Luki
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Small Business
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