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Microtunneling pipe steel moulds

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We offer microtunneling pipe steel moulds. The moulds are fitted with a hydraulic retractable wedge for the inner pipe shell.
Microtunneling is a technique widely used to construct underground utility lines which, in particular, cannot be constructed with standard methods.
The plant is able to produce the moulds for 600 to 3000 mm caliber concrete pipes.
The mould consists of fixed support, tray, moulding ring, hood, hydraulic cylinders, flow divider, external and internal pipe shells.
External pipe shell is a dismountable structure. It is made of rolled and flat steel. The pipe shell is fitted with special clamps, connecting it to the tray. The platforms for vibrators are placed along the surface of the external pipe shell.
The external shaper may be optionally fitted with a steam jacket.
The internal pipe shell is made of flat steel and is fitted with the hydraulic retractable wedge.
When moving the wedge at the stage of mould dismantling, the cross-section of the pipe shell reduces.
The wedge is actuated with two hydraulic cylinders.
The quality control procedures at every stage of steel mould production ensure the required quality of the product.
Valid to /05/21/2020/
Valid to /05/21/2020/
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Production Region
Pskovskaja oblast
Country of Import
Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania
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Contact data
Legal and business address
15 Novoseleninskaya Street, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, 182106
Company location region
Pskov Region, Velikie Luki
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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