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Tetrapods metal moulds

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M-Konstruktor produces metal moulds for tetrapods that are used as concrete coast-protecting structures.
Tetrapods are proven structures which are effectively used for coastline protection in various countries. The special form makes the structure stable and facilitates interlocking of multiple pieces with each other, ensuring effective wave dissipation.
For example, about of half Japanese coastlines, which are known for storms, is reinforced by the tetrapods to prevent the erosion. Besides, tetrapods are widely used to protect port areas and ships.
M-Konstruktor produces the dismountable forms for tetrapods. Each form consists of a lower part – the base – and three shaping parts. Concrete is poured through the upper foot of the form. The forms are made of metal plates reinforced along the edges.
M-Konstruktor produces the forms for tetrapods of all sizes allowed by GOST, namely Т −1.5; Т-3; Т-5; Т-7.8; Т-10; Т-13; Т-20; Т-25 (the number means the weight of the final product un tons)
Tetrapods production with М-Konstruktor’s metal moulds requires to follow a sequence of simple operations: form parts lubrication, assembly, hydraulic concrete pouring, pervibration, product curing, form removal, form cleaning.
Valid to /05/21/2020/
Valid to /05/21/2020/
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Production Region
Pskovskaja oblast
Country of Import
Kazakhstan, Belarus, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Romania
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Legal and business address
15 Novoseleninskaya Street, Velikie Luki, Pskov Region, 182106
Company location region
Pskov Region, Velikie Luki
Manufacturer type
Small Business
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