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Varton LED lighting: light fixtures, floodlights, lamps

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LEDs have a long service life, so you basically never need to repair the device.

It is especially important when you have to deal with outdoor lighting fixtures.

An estimated service life of an LED lamp is 50,000 hours. They are also dust and water resistant, which allows them to maintain their level of brightness for a really long time.

Valid to /03/25/2020/
Valid to /03/25/2020/
Working temperature
They work in temperatures ranging from -20 ° to + 40 ° C.
Ease of use
They are airproof without any bulges or dents on the surface, which makes them easier to avoid and prevent them from becoming dusty.
They are energy efficient and safe.
Countries importers
European Union, Serbia, Italy, Kenya, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan
More details
Consumer goods
Contact data
Legal and business address
301831, Tula region, town of Bogoroditsk, st. 30 years of Victory, 1a
Company location region
Tula region, town of Bogoroditsk
Manufacturer type
Large Enterprise
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