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Mitre saw PTK-305/1600P

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Designed for accurate miter, beveled and combined cutting of wood (MDF, particle board), metal, plastic, and other similar materials and can be used both individually and in the process line for cutting out defects, production of furniture, door and window frames and bindings, baguette workshops, on any woodworking production or at home.

  • 55 years of the production experience of the first world designer of Felisatti miter saws - turntable and hinge design have been created on the basis of the FELISATTI patents.
  • Asynchronous engine increases the machine service life in tens of times, it has no brush-collector node (so there are no brushes to be replaced rather often) and the rotor speed is 10 times less than that of the collector engine.
  • Accuracy of angle cut setting and that of miter cuts repeatability up to tens of angular minites is ensured by a high precision design of the turning node and by a high machining accuracy due to a five-axis machining center MCM used in the saw manufacturing process.
  • Belt drive reduces noise and vibration; there is no noise from permanently activated fingers of gearwheels what is very important for the operator using the machine in continuous mode.
  • Excellent cut quality due to constant speed control for stable cutting in high load conditions.
  • Adjustable height of the top table allows you to perform not only through but also blind cuts.
  • Electrodynamic brake of the engine quickly stops a saw blade – it significantly increases safety.
  • Dust removal system adapter allows to connect easily a standard vacuum cleaner what significantly reduces dust emissions in your immediate work area.
Power, W
General requirements to AC power supply V, Hz
220 ±10% / 50
No-load speed, rpm
Max.Cross cut, mm
Max.Miter cut, mm
Max.Beveled cut , mm
Max.Combined cut, mm
Max.cutting depth on bench, mm
Bench dimensions, mm
Blade diameter, mm
Disc Bore Size ,mm
Overall dimensions (LxHxW), mm
Blade depth adjuster on bench
Weight, kg
More details
Construction materials
Contact data
Legal and business address of the main office of INTERSKOL, JSC
29 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, the Moscow Region; 141400
Business address of the INTERSKOL-Alabuga site
4/1 Sh-2, Alabuga Special Economic Zone, Elabuga, the Elabuga Region, the Republic of Tatarstan; 423600
Company location region
29 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, the Moscow Region; 141400
Manufacturer type
Large company
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