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Impact drill DU13/750T

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Corded lightweight impact drill is used for making holes in brittle materials - masonry, tile, ceramics and for civil engineering works.

Due to the modernized design of the spindle attachment assembly, there is no complete play in the axial direction, which is indispensable in cases where it is required to make a through hole of small diameter in metal parts being sufficiently thick. The machine also is rather powerful. So, it allows drilling holes up to 13 mm in diameter in steel and up to 30 mm in wood, while having small dimensions and good ergonomics. The body of all the drills is made of durable plastic - glass-filled polyamide, and the handles are coated with a special rubber coating, which prevents them slipping in the hands during operation. The specially designed engine is suitable for the operations in a continuous mode.

This tool including the all other drills is equipped with a multifunction switch, combining the functions of turning on, reversing and speed rotation adjusting, adapted to work with small diameter drill bits. In addition, you can quickly change the speed of drilling only by pressing the “on” button - this helps to accurately drill even in mixed materials. To work with mixed materials there is a speed preset.

General requirements to AC power supply V, Hz
220 ±10% / 50
Rated power input, W
Current rating, А
No load speed, rpm
Beats per Minute, bpm
Chuck clamping range, mm
Spindle thread, inch
1/2”-20 UNF
Max. drilling capacity in steel, mm
Max. drilling capacity in wood, mm
Max. drilling capacity in concrete, mm
Reverse function
Electronic control
Quick fix chuck
Overload clutch
Gearbox range
Service life, years
Weight, kg
More details
Construction materials
Contact data
Legal and business address of the main office of INTERSKOL, JSC
29 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, the Moscow Region; 141400
Business address of the INTERSKOL-Alabuga site
4/1 Sh-2, Alabuga Special Economic Zone, Elabuga, the Elabuga Region, the Republic of Tatarstan; 423600
Company location region
29 Leningradskaya Street, Khimki, the Moscow Region; 141400
Manufacturer type
Large company
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