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Demolding oil LUKOIL Layer 10

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LUKOIL LAYER are series of universal multipurpose concrete demolding oils. The oils are formulated using highly refined mineral base stocks and carefully selected multi-purpose additive package. LUKOIL LAYER oils offer excellent lubrication performance and resistance to corrosion. The oils have high adhesion to form lining materials ensuring reliable lubricating film formation.


LUKOIL Layer 10 is mostly used for the production of heavy duty concrete items and monolithic construction. LUKOIL Layer 68 is a universal product to make concrete elements in wooden, steel, and plastic forms. LUKOIL Layer 135 is used for the production of items of porous concrete, foamed concrete and autoclaved aerated concrete. A thin layer of LUKOIL Layer oils is to be applied evenly with a brush, roll, avoiding to make excess of oil. If too much oil is applied on the concrete surface, it may become darker, spotty and porous. In order to reduce oil consumption in the production process, it is advisable to apply the oil with a sprayer. The oil shall be heated up to +50 °С - +60 °С when sprayed in order to optimize the oil consumption and make the procedure easier. The application of LUKOIL LAYER minimize the amount of discarded products, prevents chippings, cracks, and increases the work performance.


Oils of LUKOIL Layer series do not contain any substances hazardous for the environment or for the human health. A wide viscosity range provides for an economy consumption of the oil with taking in account the specifics of the molding technology. The use of special additives increases the service life of forms and provides for excellent operating surfaces of the ready products.

216.5 L, 1000 L
Importing country
Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan
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Chemical industry
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Legal and business address
119180, 6 Yakimanka Street, Moscow, Russia
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Joint Venture
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