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Hydraulic oil LUKOIL Geyser ST 46

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LUKOIL GEYSER ST is a series of industrial hydraulic oils with high level of refinement, excellent filtrability and air release performance.

LUKOIL GEYSER ST are manufactured using mineral base oil with high viscosity index and advanced additive package. The oils were formulated for hydraulic equipment, including ultrafiltration systems with a purification degree from 1 to 5 microns.

They are suitable for severe operating conditions and protect equipment against wear and corrosion, offer excellent performance features, extend the filter service life and oil drain intervals, prevent system failures, as well as help to reduce operation costs due to saving on downtime.

LUKOIL GEYSER ST meet the requirements of such customers as Severstal JSC, AVTOVAZ JSC, etc. These oils are designed in a cooperation with the world’s leading producers of additives and hydraulic equipment.

Denison HF-0, HF-1, HF-2 (ISO VG 32, 46, 68); Bosch Rexroth 90220 (ISO VG 32, 46, 68); Danieli (ISO VG 32, 46, 68); TMT (ISO VG 32, 46, 68); Duplomatic Palfinger; Shakhtinsky Hydraulic Drive Plant (ISO VG 22, 32, 46); Voith Turbo (ISO VG 32, 46); Engel (ISO VG 46); Automa (ISO VG 46); BelAZ (ISO VG 46); SMS Siemag AG (SMS Demag AG) (ISO VG 46); Krauss Maffei Berstorff (ISO VG 46, 68); FELUWA Pumpen (ISO VG 46, 68); HUSKY HS 207 (ISO VG 46); Sulzer Pumps (MD type pumps); ALTA (ISO VG 46); LAEIS (ISO VG 46); Kopex Machinery (ISO VG 32, 46, 68); LOESCHE (ISO VG 46, 68); SMT Scharf (ISO VG 32, 46); FURUKAWA UNIC Hydraulic Cranes (ISO VG 32); Eickhoff Bergbautechnik (ISO VG 46, 68, 100); Ferrit s.r.o. (ISO VG 46); Group HMS; PPD Pumps; Turbonasos (ISO VG 68)
Requirements compliance
DIN 51524-1 HL, 51524-2 HLP; AFNOR NF E 48-603 (HM); Eaton Vickers I-286-S; JCMAS HK; TMT (ISO VG 100); Cinсinnati Machine P-68 (ISO VG 32); Cinсinnati Machine P-69 (ISO VG 68); Cinсinnati Machine P-70 (ISO VG 46)
21.5 L
Oil type
Importing country
Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan
More details
Chemical industry
Contact data
Legal and business address
119180, 6 Yakimanka Street, Moscow, Russia
Company location region
Manufacturer type
Joint Venture
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