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Engine oil LUKOIL Avantgarde CNG LA SAE 15W-40

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LUKOIL AVANTGARDE CNG SAE 15W-40 is multi-grade high-quality engine oil for compressed natural gas (CNG) engines which provides improved anti-wear protection and helps to reduce ash deposits in comparison with conventional diesel oils. LUKOIL AVANTGARDE CNG SAE 15W-40 was formulated using highly refined mineral base oils and modern additives package providing improved protection against high temperature deposits usually occurring in CNG engines. The oil has excellent cold start-up performance, improved resistance to foaming, oxidation and nitration and provides decreased oil burn rate.


LUKOIL AVANTGARDE SAE CNG 15W-40 is an engine oil designed for engines of trucks and buses operated on compressed natural gas.


  • Has no negative impact on the vehicle three way catalysts of exhaust gases
  • Provides reliable engine protection from high temperature deposits and keeps the engine clean
  • Well balanced additives package provides excellent resistance to oxidation and nitration thus increasing lubricant drain service life
  • Perfect viscosity-temperature characteristics provide an easy cold-start and the engine protection from cold-start wear
  • Reliable protection of the engine components against wear at high operating temperatures
Requirements compliance
ACEA E2; MAN 3271-1, 271; MB 226.9, 228.1
216.5 L
Importing country
Belarus, Turkey, Azerbaijan, China, Armenia, Moldova, Kazakhstan
More details
Chemical industry
Contact data
Legal and business address
119180, 6 Yakimanka Street, Moscow, Russia
Company location region
Manufacturer type
Joint Venture
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