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The Optima semi-low floor trolleybus

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The Optima semi-low floor trolleybus is a universal model that offers the best price to quality ratio.

The Optima is a reliable, modern and cost-effective public transport vehicle. Thanks to its innovative design it is one of the most popular trolleybuses both in Russia and abroad. This universal model allows for a variety of modifications to suit customer preferences.

The Optima is the best choice for the cities with a well-developed public transport system whose management is looking for cost-effective high-quality reliable modern vehicles. Cities with the population of up to 1 million often choose to buy the Optima trolleybus in batches.

It is a modern comfortable public transport vehicle equipped with a range of features such as climate control, GPS/GLONASS navigation systems, Wi-Fi, CCTV, electronic passenger management system and ticket validators. The trolleybus is fully equipped to carry special-needs passengers: low floor, increased spaces, Braille signs.

Max speed in km/h
Passenger capacity
100 passengers
Floor level in mm
360360/837 mm
Power reserve
500 m
Kneeling system
Climate control system
Service life
10 years
Vandal proof seats
GLONASS/GPS navigation system
Maximum gradeability
Telemetry transmission system
Pneumatic trolley retrievers
Number of CCTV cameras
up to 8
External loudspeakers
Ergonomic driver seat
ABS system
Electric mirrors
More details
Machine industry
Contact data
Legal and business address
Industrial Zone of the 1st Microrayon, Engels, Saratov Region; 413105
Company location region
Engels, Saratov Region
Manufacturer type
Large Business
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